Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Shoes can be healed, too!!!

Yay!!!! Yay, yay, YYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! Oh, I'm just jumping and squealing all around our kitchen this morning. I got off the phone two minutes ago with Anthony's Shoe Repair in Solana Beach and they're working on my beloveds right NOW. Yay!

They've gone in surgically and rebuilt them, replacing the original shank with a new, full length ones. (Naughty Jessica Simpson. Short shanks in heels are a sign of poor quality. You tried to cut corners. But, the glory of glamour will prevail!) The very bewildered workman said they'll be even better than new. I say bewildered because he seemed a bit confused at all my questions, but there was a laugh when I asked him to give the shoes a hug for me. He may have thought I was joking.

The wonderful news is they should be done by Saturday and be on their way home. Oh, why did I doubt? Why did I fear? Good fashion will always find a way. Always.
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Sled Dawgs said...

That is really hilarious. Before we had back to WY I need to see these shoes. Have a great day.

Thany said...

Saturday, huh?
Check my blog Sunday evening for a picture of me in my new Jessica's!

"Yes, I am Angela. I know I don't look like what I sound like over the phone...I get that all the time. Thanks for fixing my shoes!"

amber said...

HOORAY! and believe me sled dawg's. they're worth it! : )

MomOfDudes said...

So Happy you didnt give up on your beloveds...