Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Love

Who cares about the movies, I want to see the fashion!

When my InStyle Look of the Day email came today, I clicked through the photos of amazing Oscar Couture. I had just passed the one of Sarah Jessica Parker looking gorgeous (perfect dress, perfect hair, perfect... well, it would be better if the neckline were a good few inches higher... so maybe not PERFECT perfect... but she looks lovely), when my breath was suddenly stolen away and I hurriedly clicked back to it. You know when you see something in your mind's eye that your eyes just saw but didn't really see but now you're not looking at it anymore but can see that thing so clearly so you have to go back and see if it was really there or if your imagination added it? (Yes, I hardly ever make sense. I realize that. I have a condition called Angela Brain. It often manifests itself in run-on sentences that only make sense if you, too, have Angela Brain. Some say it can't be helped.)

There was her husband, Matthew Broderick, standing back... out of the way of the photo... taking in the brilliance of his wife.

See that look on his face?

You can almost hear his thoughts. "That's right. My wife is hot. She is HOT hot. She is amazingly hot and brilliant and gorgeous. I'm going to stand over here so you can fully absorb how breath taking my wife is. You dare doubt the authenticity of her, you cast rumors and try to snare us in your net. But, she is gorgeous and you can't deny it. You snap your photos. You go ahead and 'oooh' and 'aaah.' I'm the luckiest man in the world to be married to this woman. You're not married to her. I am. Baby, you are hot. You are gorgeous. You're all mine. You're my WIFE. MY wife."

Just wanted to share. It was cute.
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Summer said...

I think it may have had a lot to do with the insane cleavage, if you can even call it that, going on!!! ;-)

Angela said...

Yes. That's what I like to refer to as "shelf boobs." =^) The dress could have been even more beautiful with a more demure neckline, that's for sure.

The Adventure said...

Can anybody say "Please tell my wife not to bend she doesn't completely humiliate herself by falling out of her dress!" She is so pretty, but all anybody would look at is her chest!

Macmi said...
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Macmi said...

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