Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life Lessons

*If a friend is watching your young child, as soon as you leave they will have a dirty diaper. (Your chid, not your friend.)

*If you are watching a friend's child, as soon as your friend walks out the door their child will have a dirty diaper. It's just how it goes.

*The chocolate that's hiding in your closet yells much louder right after you've worked out than at any other time.

*If you only have a few minutes to catch a sneaky snooze, the phone or doorbell will ring just as you're drifting off.

*If you have as long as you want to nap the afternoon away, you will not be disturbed... but you also won't be able to fall asleep due to all the commotion in your brain regarding to-do lists and errands and relationships and conflicts and dreams and "did you wash the baseball practice gear" and "you didn't put the music away" and "if you don't hurry up and use that lettuce it's going to go bad and then you'll feel guilty for wasting money on something you didn't use and sending more plastic containers to the trash that didn't need to go" and such.

*What you hear in your head as you write a blog post isn't necessarily what translates after you've clicked "publish post." Some things you write as humor, wit, sarcasm or the-tone-you-have-when-you-roll-your-eyes just don't come across that way. This is why real writers have editors who catch that stuff before a book is printed.

*Even if you have a degree in writing and love to edit, you're still going to make grammar mistakes. At some point you have to just let that go.

*When your hair and make-up are having a good day, you don't have anywhere you need to be.

*When your hair and make-up are having a bad day, you will have many important appointments.
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The Dassattis said...

Oh so true!! All of them! Especially the hair and makeup one.