Monday, February 2, 2009

Goodwill Shopping... Online

Did you know? Because I didn't until recently. Okay, so you don't find QUITE the amazing deals as you do in Santa Maria on the second Tuesday of the month at 9:00am. BUT, there are some pretty darn good ones if you're looking for a specific item.

Goodwill online. Who knew?
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Lalena said...

How funny. I looked this up online this morning!

Ratzlaff Reflections said...

Ironically, 'cause I haven't been there in over a year, I actually shopped at Goodwill this morning. In honor of you. I forgot my hand sanitizer and my 2yo sucked on the handle of the cart. YUCK. I did spy a piece of furniture that looked interesting, but I have a hard time digging through the clothes. Yeah. I need to get over it. I'm just waiting for you to come show me how!

jorg gray said...

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