Friday, February 20, 2009

Fashion Tip Friday: My Secret Weapon

It's not a special undergarment... or lipstick... or perfume. It's not even *gasp* the perfect shoes or accessory-to-clothing ratio.

I could say that my secret weapon is my awesome hairstylist or finding amazing deals, both of which pump blood light speed through my veins. But, it's not.

If you spend any length of time around me you'll see I struggle with disorganization, poor time management, and an uncanny knack for forgetting what I was in the middle of doing. My eyeliner runs just like everyone else's. I struggle with adult acne. My hair doesn't always cooperate. (Which is what hats were created for.) My husband and I argue just like everyone else. My kids leave unfinished food around the house. I leave the load in the washer too long so it smells spoiled and I have to waste another cupful of detergent to wash it again, all the while thinking of the awful impact I'm having on our environment. The tray beneath the ice cube/water dispenser on the fridge is always nasty. (How DOES one get that thing clean, for Pete's sake?) And, as we've discovered, a whole colony of dust/toys/pretzels/school papers regularly takes up residence under our not-so-white white couch.

I'm just like everyone else...

except that I'm not.

I have a Secret Weapon.

I walk in grace and confidence. I hold my shoulders back and my head high and look people in the eye. I can have a conversation with someone I know I should be intimidated by, but I'm not. I can be in a room of women and not feel self-conscious or competitive. (Unless there's free fashion on the line, then I'll beat you with my purse until you give in and let me win.) I can stand on a stage and know I'm supposed to be there. I don't feel out of place.

Okay, so not ALL the time. We all have our moments. But MOST of the time.

It's because of my Secret Weapon...

which is simply this...

I know I am a daughter of The King, and I know I am walking in what He has for me. I know that I am protected and loved and cherished... even when I forget to switch loads of laundry. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ isn't just a cool guy I get to see in Heaven, He is who I walk with every single day. Every. Single. Day. It's not just that my life is submitted to Him, it's that every single moment of every single day of my life is. I don't compartmentalize the church stuff and the home stuff and the work stuff and the military stuff. I walk with Jesus through it all.

Worry and fear and uncertainty don't rule my life. I didn't say they never come to visit. There are times (this past Wednesday) when they work very hard to come for an extended stay. But, I know Who's in control of my life. I know Who's holding onto the string of my kite. I know the only reason I can soar, and soar so high, is because My Father is holding on tightly and guiding me upon the strong breezes. And when those gale force winds come, I know I will not crash. I may fly a little lower for a while, but it's all while being held tightly in His grip.

When you see a woman of Godly confidence, you notice her. You see there is something different, something true. You see the impressive outside because she has grown beautiful on the inside. It's not the fashion or the hair or the jewelry that is catching your eye. Don't get me wrong. Those things have their importance. But we all know women who have those things and are still flighty, insecure, grasping for recognition, because fashion does not make the woman. The woman makes the fashion.

The thing that draws your attention is the Godly confidence that only comes from knowing Who holds on to her kite's string, and submitting her life to that.

A Beautiful Offering, by Angela Thomas, changed my life five years ago. It opened my eyes to the beauty of what I had to give, and changed the perspective of my heart so I could give it. There was a time I was unsure of who I was. I knew, but I didn't KNOW. At least, I didn't live like I knew. I was insecure and unsure and timid and afraid of being wrong and fearful of what other thought. I didn't want to take the wrong action, so I wouldn't take any action at all. I was so afraid of living wrong that I wasn't really living. At least, not in the fullness and freedom and joy that we are supposed to live in. There was a time.

But not anymore.

I know I am becoming a woman of Godly confidence. Wait. I AM a woman of Godly confidence. But, I don't boast in myself, I boast in the One who holds my kite's string.

He is my Secret Weapon. He is the foundation for all things fashion. Nothing looks quite right on the outside if you don't look good on the inside.

(And if you live anywhere nearby, come hang out at my house on Tuesdays at 9:30am as we eat, drink coffee, laugh, and walk through this awesome book together!)
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Thany said...

I'm speechless. Humbled and yet encouraged by your words.

Some Tuesday Morning I WILL show up and it will blow your mind. :)

Amy said...

I'm coming with Bethany. :)

I truly truly needed to read this.

Ann Wilson said...

Wish I could join you...I miss you my friend and am encouraged by your words and moved by the grace you're spillin' out all over.

Willie said...

I don't know what to say in response to this exactly. I am just always so impressed by your insight and words of inspiration. Does this book that you speak of really give all of this guidance, maybe I need it.
I would love to come to your Tuesday groups, but I have that Mon-Fri work schedule and I'm typically on the road M-W many weeks. Hope to see you again soon.

Amanda S. (signing with her cat's blog account)