Saturday, February 14, 2009

The day every girl wonders...

A little girl's heart longs to know she is special, special to someone, important to someone, loved by someone, romanced by someone. Every Valentine's Day she sees the world around her erupt in flowers and kisses and chocolates, all going to someone who is loved. And her heart yearns to be that someone! Every Valentine's Day each little girl, admittedly or not, wonders if she'll get the flowers or chocolates or special treats, if her heart will be someone's focus and desire. (Big girls wonder, too.)

The first glimpse we get of our Heavenly Father's love for us comes from our own father. And just like my dad did for me, my husband is doing for our daughter.

I married an amazing man.

Happy Valentine's Day
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Anonymous said...

Angela, you are so right.
Tell Nate he's a wonderful father. Brittany is a lucky girl. And a great example for the boys too! They need to learn how to treat their wives in the future.
My father used to give my sisters and I chocolates every Valentines day since we were very little. He still calls to wish us happy Valentines day and sent a little gift too!
Aren't fathers wonderful.
Our heavenly father is even better. We are so lucky to be His children.
Hsppy Valentines Day! Julie E

Christel louise said...

What a nice Daddy! DO you remember that Valentines so many years ago when Steve was overseas. Roses and the love from you and your family got me through that one.

Summer said...

Hey! I'm a friend of Bethany's and she told me I needed to visit your blog. Said that we reminded her of each other!

I am totally loving your blog by the way!!!


MooBee Mama said...

So so sweet! Daddy's are THE BEST!