Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shoes on Sale!

I just had to alert my readers! Victoria's Secret has some of the most yummy shoes around. (And they carry Steve Madden, as well as his Steven line.) An extra 20% off already reduced prices? I'm SO swooning. (Although, Nate may not be. Hmm.)

So, go here. Fill your shopping bag FIRST. And then go through it deciding which ones are truly essential and which ones you could pass on.

But, remember, shipping is not free. (They may have a "free with over $100 purchase," but...) Also, I'm not sure flat out returns are free, either. You can exchange for free, though. (Which is why I usually stick to sites like endless.)

Just a heads up. I've already filled my shopping bag. I need to survey the potential damage before proceeding.

Sale ends Thursday.
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Doreen said...

Hi, I've never owned any Steve Madden shoes. I've heard of him and the website! I've been in Victoria's Secret before--just looking around and to get measured. Once I did order something from them a long time ago! :)

Thany said...

Mmmm, I love me some Steve's!
I insist on follow up pictures when they arrive!!