Saturday, January 24, 2009

Next time, remind me.

When you're standing next to me at Target in front of the holiday clearance M&M's that are 75% off, remind me. Remind me that the last three times I've been in that situation I've disappointed myself. Not at that exact moment. At that exact moment I was proud. But, weeks later, I've been disappointed. Because the last three times I've thought, "Oh, I should only get a couple of bags. You know, it's really not good to have it just sitting there in the pantry. It's so tempting. And I really don't need it. I really shouldn't have it. A couple would be a good treat, but too many would be indulgence."

Yet this morning, I go to the pantry craving that little bit of chocolate-y goodness and... gasp... they're gone.

I finished them off yesterday.

Oh, the agony! Oh, the pain! My mouth is craving just a few little golden pieces (actually, they were read and green) that would compliment my Super Yummy Coffee so well and... THEY'RE ALL GONE.

I know. I know. Thank you for your condolences.

So, I did the only thing I knew to do. (Well, that's not true. There was another thing, which was walk upstairs to my amazing closet and get some of the chocolate I have stashed away up there. But I didn't want to walk upstairs. If you take that much time and thought to do something, then it's meaningful. Sneaking impulsive chocolate can't be meaningful, because then it would count. If it's impulsive, then it's not meaningful. Therefore it doesn't count. Follow me?) I ate the only chocolate left in the remains of the Halloween candy... Almond Joy. I believe the thought was, "These can't really be THAT bad. I mean, there IS chocolate on the outside. That should suffice." I took a bite.

The other half is in the trash can.

So, next time I'm at Target deciding how many bags to get, remind me. And I'm so excited that the next time will bring pink and white M&M's, because the only thing better than 75% off red and green ones is 75% off pink and white ones. And in the chaos of the after Christmas sale, I mistakenly thought two bags of milk chocolate plain (one for me and one to share) and two bags of dark chocolate plain (one for me and one to pay back my friend for all the ones I ate at her house... see below) would suffice.

Also remind me that I have found I love dark chocolate M&M's. I tried them at my friend's house because it was what she had... and we were drinking coffee... and when there's coffee and girl chat it's really somewhat imperative that chocolate be available. And I usually am not an overwhelming fan of dark chocolate, but it IS chocolate. I also think my tastes may be changing, because I've enjoyed dark chocolate a lot more lately, and at times milk chocolate is almost too sweet. *gasp* (I know. How dare I? That's something that should not have been said.)

I tried them.

I loved them.

Maybe even more than my beloved plain ones. They aren't quite as sweet, but still have the candy coating, which makes them perfectly sweet. And you don't eat as many, for some reason, so they can be justified easier. (But, as you see, I really have no problem justifying things.)

So, next time I'm at Target staring at the 75% off holiday M&M's and trying to be practical and healthy and reasonable, remind me not to be. When you're standing next to me listening to my back-and-forth rambling as to why I should and why I shouldn't, remind me. If you're on the phone with me at the time, remind me.

I mean, really. M&M's don't expire. And, although red and green ones may look dated come the end of January, pink and white ones will be "IN" year round. They're just so darn, stinkin' cute. And yummy.
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Lalena said...

Girlfriend...NEVER, I repeat, NEVER pass up a sale on chocolate...Call me any time, night or day...I'll walk you through...this is my solemn vow.

Susie said...

I always have a stash of dark M & M's- just a few do the trick, don't they??

Anonymous said...

You could always sneak over to your friends house. The one who never passed up on a chocolate sale. Just yesterday I wondered if we really need 8 bags of plain m & m's,

Angela said...


Of COURSE you need them. What kind of a question is that? You need them for your friends that come over and raid your candy stash. But if you decide you actually don't need them, you know where they can migrate to. =^)

Ratzlaff Reflections said...

Yeah, we just ran out of our 6-bag 75% off green-and-red-bits-of-goodness purchase. I'm very much looking forward to the red and pink and white nuggets of heaven. You can be sure we will pick up the dark chocolate peanut M&Ms. Mitch's favorite!

The music on your blog is sure bringing back memories!!

Doreen said...

Mmmmm I love me some Chocolate and like yourself, I've been getting into enjoying the dark chocolate!! I actually love them better than the milk I think AND they're better for us than the Milk!

islandgirl said...

You're talking to the person who bought like 20 bags after Halloween, never regretted it one second! And of course you have to go dark! My fav thing to do is mix them with peanuts and call it trail mix, LOL!

Wendy said...

You're able to get M&M's for 75% off at your Target?! Around here they don't last at the store long enough to go past 30%! Okay, now I have M&M envy...