Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kate Spade

I have found some aMAZingly incredible thrift store deals in the past few months. In fact, there was a lady today at Goodwill (Fifty percent off, baby! Oh, yeah!) who scored eight authentic Coach handbags a bit ago. Eight. Did you read that? Eight. Okay, maybe they could have been really good knock-offs. But I have seen an authentic, albeit older, Coach come from just such a place. (I have connections.) So, I know it can happen. And in this Goodwill, where I've scored more than a few high end labels, it IS possible.

But, when I came across this a few weeks back, it took me a while to know whether or not it was a fake. I mean, it looked just like the real deal. I simply couldn't be sure. It even had an authentic looking label. But there was just something about it that left me uneasy.

What do you think? I don't know. Maybe I should have gone for it. =^)

(Yes! Great deals today! A new tea kettle, thanks to my amazing friend. Banana Republic pink silk cashmere for me, among other cute tops. And Brit now has her own Juicy sweatshirt. God DOES so spoil me.)
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Lalena said...

next time call me...I would have been there!
I got a brand new Pampered Chef RED stone with the cover!!!
Miss you girl!

Steve 'n Jenn Dassatti said...

Does the label say Kade Spate?

Sarah W. said...

Coincidentally enough, I went to Goodwill yesterday to just see the hype of the thrift stores.

I got a 100% leather Banana Republic purse for 3.50.

They also had a Skip Hop bag, but there was no price, so they would not sell it. Which was slightly annoying.

But the thing that was cool.....they had tons of flower vases for cheap. I definitely will be going there in the future for those.

Kate Spade is tricky. I have a fake Kate Spade that looks very real. Because KS is easy to fake.

Sarah W. said...

Steve n Jenn are does say Spate!!

Angela said...

Yes!!! That's why I had to take the picture!!! If someone is trying so hard to make a fake, shouldn't they make sure the designer's name is actually spelled right? Oh, my GOSH!!! My friend and I couldn't believe it. So, I did what anyone does when they're in that situation... I pulled out my camera. =^) Kade Spate. (There could be an illiterate Kate Spade fan out there thinking she owned the real thing.)

amber said...

you're serious! It's followed me here! I have people that are very proud of their 'Abibas' merchandise from the market in Kosovo. I need to have some time to go to Goodwill, and that hasn't been happening. I think it will soon, though.

Doreen said...

That is something else!!! hmmm