Monday, January 26, 2009

Free Movie Rental

Want to kick back tonight? Was your weekend crazy and you need a little Monday down time? Grab a Costco pizza, then run by your nearest Redbox and pick up a free movie. (Tip: put the Costco food court phone number into your cell and call to order as you're leaving the house. It will be ready when you get there.)

Just plug in this code: 57VH9L.

You still have to swipe a card in case you return it late, but the rental should be free. The code will only work until tonight (Monday) at midnight, and you have to return it by tomorrow at 9pm.

Also, the movie Fireproof comes out on DVD tomorrow and should be at all Redbox locations. You can rent that free with the code DVDONME later in the week, which shouldn't expire. Nate and I never did get to the theater to see it. (I know! Back off! We've been busy.)

Happy Monday all! (Maybe I should say "y'all" instead. I'd sound cooler. All Jessica Simpson and such.)
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Ratzlaff Reflections said...

It's mooovie Monday! Glad we are not the only movie Monday crowd around. Although I don't usually get my text message until 10:09am. Thanks for the heads up!

OH, and I am SO glad Fireproof is coming out at the Redbox! I was hoping it would! We haven't seen it yet, either, and have been looking forward to it!

Thany said...

You are sooooo Jess.

Doreen said...

Ohhh Jessica also says: "Oh my gahhh". :)