Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brit's Big Day

She was our third baby, but our first girl. I remember the showdown clearly. Nate wanted her ears pierced right away, because, well, that's just what you do. I said "absolutely not!" (This has been one of the few showdowns in our marriage I have actually won, by the way.) Each family does what is best for them, and in ours this would be a right of passage. Something Brittney could have done when she could know how special it is, when she could take care of them herself. It's a big responsibility, one of the steps a girl takes in her journey toward becoming a woman. It was going to be something anticipated, earned, looked forward to, exciting...

a momentous occasion. One that happened a little over a week ago.

She was pretty nervous when we walked in. Sitting in the chair made it worse. Good thing Sarah was there to hold her hand.

Then she was brave and excited.

The cleaning of the ears.

Then everything kind of fell apart. Lots of tears. Not sure. But still wanted to do it so badly. Lots more tears. My heart was breaking. We finally got the first side done.

Then it was over. Yay, Brit! Hugs all around. I don't think the lady doing the piercing had much fun, but in the end Brit was super ecstatic. I think she picked the perfect earrings: rhinestone daisies.

Turns out, Brit thought the lady was going to push the sharp earrings through with her hands. The whole "piercing gun" concept was kind of lost amid the tears and excitement. Poor girl. No wonder she got so scared.

Now all is done. She's been doing an excellent job keeping them clean, and can't wait to be all healed up so we can go pick out some more earrings. I watch her face shine when she receives compliments, and I'm so glad we waited.

My little Brittney is not so little anymore.
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Susie said...

Totally a rite of passage! Yay Brit! Now, when does she get to borrow Mama's adorable danglies?

amber said...

so glad you stood your ground! I SO need a little girl!!!! kidnapping is still illegal, isn't it?

*emmy said...

One of the many things I have to look forward to with my three girls = ) .

MooBee Mama said...

She looks so much like my little girl who is begging to get her ears pierced! I can't wait until I can do that with her!

Doreen said...

I remember the 1st time I got my ears pierced....the one ear lobe bled and bled and bled!! The guy that did my ears at a Jewelry place said "it was an act of God". Weird!! Then, I had them done I guess several years later for a second piercing. Recently, about 6 mos ago, I got them pierced again, at Claire's which looks like where your Daughter got her's done also! :) I have some scar tissue on my ear lobes so she had to pierce it overtop the ones I had as a child. They did bleed some. Thank God that Brit did ok with her piercings!! :) Yah!