Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This one may top the last one. I mean, seriously. Seriously? Was there an original that they needed to make a sequel to? Is there honestly a movie director getting paid for this stuff? At least it's on in the middle of the night... except that doesn't make it excusable. Part of me is laughing wildly at people's stupidity and part of me is groaning at the depravity of our social state. Ugh.

Then again, I'm the one posting the photo on my blog.

Are you laughing or gagging? (And, dear goodness, if you have this oft horrific channel, please child-lock it!)
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Jeremy said...

So how was it? Better than the original?

Lalena said...

Better block the one above it too! Maybe we wont get cable or the satellite.

Cortney said...

Heee heh... chuckle.
then sigh, yup the world's in a slippery slope downward spiral.