Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sassy Shoe Thursday: U-G-L-Y

Remember our boot discussion? I gave you some extra tips, including, "Don't be afraid to get something with a little embellishment or funk. They'll spice up your wardrobe and be a lot more versatile than you think. Anyone can be safe with their shoes! Let's live a little on the edge and spice things up a bit!"

Just to be clear, this is NOT what I was talking about.

If you're Mariah Carey, you may try. But you shouldn't. (Actually, if you're Mariah Carey, you're trying a lot of fashion things you shouldn't. Email me. We'll chat.)

Are we clear? We're clear. Good.

(Thanks to the adorable five year old who made this photo shoot possible.)
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Lalena said...

Both legs of the adorable 5 year old could fit in the calf opening!

Thany said...