Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I just want to point out, in case anyone missed or overlooked it, that...

I TOTALLY ROCKED NaBloPoMo!!! Every. Single. Day. In. November. Even while gone for Brit's gymnastics meet. Even while up in the Bay Area for Thanksgiving.

Totally rocked it.

Yes, ma'am.

And isn't it nice that I'm so humble? (Bethany thinks so, too.)

(Since no one had yet commented on my great gift of posting genius and amazing blogging achievement, I just thought I'd point it out. Being so humble, and all.)
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Thany said...

You ARE, indeed, amazing.
And your humility is inspiring.

Christel louise said...

COngrats Angela. I do not think that I could have even tried to do that. "Good one Ponton." If you do not know what is from watch PINK PANTHER. Love you. Thanks for the comment you made me tear too. Miss you beautiful.

Steve 'n Jenn Dassatti said...

You are hiliarious! I love reading your blogs. Hey, I have an idea for your fashion should do one on purses or maybe about your favorite purse and why...just an idea. I just bought a new...totally not me...purse and I love it!

Susie said...


Lalena said... are awesome :)
he hee

Ratzlaff Reflections said...

Hey girl!! Did you see:

MooBee Mama said...

Your insanity did not slip by me at all! I totally noticed and am duly impressed. Way to go!!