Monday, December 15, 2008

"Come on, ring those bells..."

We had the wonderful opportunity to ring the Salvation Army bell again outside Albertson's this season. Actually, the kids rang the bell... I played the guitar. It's just such fun! So many people light up when they hear Christmas songs being sung and see a smile on someone's face. (Nate mysteriously disappeared, but Santa stood in for him.)

You know, it's truly amazing how a cheerful voice and a "Merry Christmas" can put a smile on someone's face. We don't do this enough. We stay busy. We look at the ground. We pass others quickly. I want my kids to know the value of a warm smile, I want them to see how reaching out to others doesn't necessarily involve money. We can embrace them with our words. I want them to know that giving of ourselves is the greatest gift we can possibly give. And that, just as many passing put change in the bucket, we are bringing change to their hearts.

This year:



(Interesting how I'm wearing the same scarf in all three photos and my hair has grown steadily darker. I'm choosing to ignore how much the kids have grown.)
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Susie said...

There was a gal inside the grocery store playing her clarinet to Christmas tunes the other night. I instantly thought of you guys. What fun to make music and spread the holiday cheer together!

Lalena said...

I love your family.

What a wonderful example you are for your kids! Very cool.

The Adventure said...

The Santa suit really completes the whole deal!!!

Thany said...

I have been WAITING for this! Yay!

I would much rather see you guys than the person who stands outside my grocery store with her bucket and just glares at everyone. Maybe I should bring HER something instead of put money in the bucket? But I'm afraid she's going to sock me with her bell.

Amanda said...

I love that you guys do this as a family, and the Santa suit is great. You all seem so much happier than the disgruntled bell ringers I often see around here.

My little 6yo gave her own money to one recently -- change that made up her entire life savings from a wrinkly little Ziplock bag -- and she didn't get so much as a "Thank You."

MomOfDudes said...

I remember each of those pictures with a smile...I just asked and Steve said he would love a Santa Suit Hee Hee

I would LOVE to see you and your family in front of a store. The Salvation Army guy in front of our store was asleep.

Thinking of you and enjoying some Nutcracker Sweet Tea...
Love ya,
Merry Christmas!!!

Katie Glathar said...

Flipflops! Oh my! Obviously you are not getting cold weather like we are up north. Merry Christmas White Family!