Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Seriously? I mean, really?

No. No, no, no. Not ever. Maybe I should have tried them on, except they were way too big. But, maybe... maybe if I would have slipped my foot in I would have felt a difference that warranted the price tag. (I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt, here. Come on.)

But, look at the shoe! Look at the price tag! And that is even on "clearance." How much were they to begin with? No, no, no. Not ever! They're jellies, for Pete's sake.

But then you take a look at the name on the inside of the shoe. Can you read it? Get close to the screen. It was hard to take a good photo with the glare of light glancing off the shiny yellow plastic-y stuff.

Jacobs. As in Marc. I'm sorry, sir, but that doesn't make this shoe any better.



These are not sassy. (Well, if I tried I could make them look cute with rolled up jeans and a white tee.) They're not even a good shoe. They're a molded piece of rubber with a few holes punched in them. And some girl is probably walking around with these on her feet feeling good because she's wearing Marc Jacobs... and she even got him on "sale."

Sick, it makes me. Blech. Don't get me wrong, I'd like Marc to send me some of his items any time. I will wear them and review them and be quite happy. But, these? Seriously? I mean, really? We are truly a mindless crowd, following the latest trend, the latest name... all the way to our fashion grave.

Would YOU buy them? How much would you pay?
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MomOfDudes said...

I actually love the style, but I am not a fan of the jelly shoe because of the foot sweat factor.

I was in shock of the price tag and did I see that $129 was 80% off!!!


Amy said...

sure I had some back in 82 like all the other 2nd graders.. What were they then 3 maybe 4 dollars?? :)

I do NOT like them, then again I'm not what one would call "high fashion" though.

Lalena said...

Oh, we had such fun!! Lets go again!
and no, no, NO, NO! ~ick

MooBeeMa said...

Seriously? Those are ugly.

James A Woods said...

Five bucks. Tops.

the shark said...

oh. my. goodness. I would not wear them if someone paid me. Ok, if they paid me like $129. for 5 minutes MAYBE. Only because for $129., I could buy a pair of GOOD shoes!

found you blog by it!