Saturday, November 1, 2008


Heading out the door into the neighborhood of candy possibilities. (Three of ours plus two friends.)

A varied costume selection.

Wolverine tries to shred the Beauty Queen.

Where's Taylor?

Nate dressed up for the occasion. Note the tuxedo.

The loot.
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Thany said...

I looooove that you dress up. Why did I ever stop? That might have to change for next year.

The kids look great!!

Lori said...

What fun, Angela! I might dress up myself next year. A few years back I dressed up as Cher (the tamer version from the 70's).. but, after several years of Halloween candy, my cool, striped bell bottoms don't fit any more :( ..The wig fits, though :)

MooBeeMa said...

darling costumes! I wore jeans and a sweatshirt. You are one hip Mom.