Saturday, November 22, 2008


...not as in "I have," rather, "I love going to." 50% off. Hours spent. Much bought. Much saved. AMAZING finds, including but not limited to:

Ralph Lauren NEVER WORN white wide leg trousers: $2.00
American Eagle brand-stinking-new-with-tags gray cable-knit funky sweater: $2.00
Nine West shrunken cardigan, perfect condition: $1.25
Gap 1969 limited edition denim button down: $1.25
An awesome americana-pottery-barn-ish looking desk (when I paint it black): $12.50
Exact Santa suit for Nate that I wanted to get in after Christmas sales last year but finances were too tight: $15.00

Bargain hunting with friends and Mother-in-Law: well, not exactly priceless... but quite exhilarating.

And I even made it back to post today, keeping my NaBloPoMo 2008 record alive and well.

That's right. I'm amazing.
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Susie said...

Dude. Angela- you have the best looking skills. I never find anything in Goodwill. Either that or you have the best GOOD will :) Maybe both ;)

Lalena said...

You are amazing!

Thany said...

you're humble too! ;)

Steve 'n Jenn Dassatti said...

Thats awesome! My husband really wants a santa outfit too, but they are so pricey!