Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Season Over

Ha, HA! It's over! Done! No more! I have this oddly maniacal laugh echoing in my head, and a tension seems to gone from my neck somehow. Soccer season is wonderful, the kids have a blast, the team parents are great... but there's just a huge sigh of relief when everything comes to a close.

From climbing trees to lasting friendships to the "tunnel of love," soccer season is always about way more than getting the ball into the net. Which is why, even though I lose my brain trying to figure out how to juggle four consecutive games at two different fields and when we should eat lunch in the middle of it all every Saturday, we'll do it all again next year. Our laundry load may be doubled for three months, but I really can't recommend it highly enough. The smiles make everything well worth it!

A few snapshots from the season:

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Amy said...

I'm a bit jealous.. we still have three weeks.

There is also play off possibility looming.. I'm so (sorta) excited for them.