Friday, November 28, 2008

10 Easy Steps to Shopping H&M

My mecca. Well, one of my meccas. I guess you could count Steve Madden as a higher priority mecca, but you get my drift.

H&M opened at 6:00am. And do you know who their first customer was? Me. That's right. I was.

At 9:30am I was walking out.

Yes. One store. Three and a half hours of pure shopping. All purchases over $50.00 before 10:00am were an extra 20% off. I scored BIG time.

H&M requires systematic shopping:

Step 1: Work your way in one direction around the first floor, going around every rack. Place potential purchases in large provided shopping bag. Make note of cute accessories, but leave them where they are for now.

Step 2: When you have covered the entire first floor, go into first floor dressing room and elminate definite "no's." Put "yes's" and "maybe's" back into bag.

Step 3: Continue to second floor. Shop in same manner as first floor.

Step 4: Have dressing room attendant hold large bag with first floor "yes's" in it while you try on possibilities in second floor dressing room, again putting "yes's" and "maybe's" back into bag.

Step 5: Cover second floor and pick up accessories.

Step 6: Go back to first floor and pick up accessories, re-evaluating items you may have passed over the first time (i.e. silver tank).

Step 7: Re-enter first floor dressing room and re-try on all the "maybe's" and "yes's," also trying on new possibilities and accessories.

Step 8: Rank items by "must have" priority, if total cost is an issue. Eliminate all items above price limit. Don't regret it. You're getting some great deals, and money IS an object. Be thankful for what you ARE getting to purchase.

Step 9: Head to check out, making sure you didn't miss any of the items located solely by the register.

Step 10: Smile as you exit, knowing you just got amazing deals on awesome clothes.

A few extra H&M shopping tips:

*Try on things you wouldn't normally try!!! Don't play it safe. The only way you'll break from your rut is if you give those crazy shirts and scarves a chance. Plus, the price is right to take the risk.

*Check out fabric quality. That shirt dress looks good on the hangar, but if it's too thin onlookers will see every crack and wrinkle of your epidermis at that next office party. If it looks and feels cheap to you, it will look cheap to everyone else.

*If you're running low on time and can't spend the three and a half hours I did today, don't shop the more-teeny-bopper-ish floor. (On the West Coast, it's usually the second. Back East it seems to be the first.) Also, skip the third trip to the dressing room. Guesstimate and go with it.

These shopping tips can also be used at other shopping meccas, such as Forever 21 and your favorite thrift store.

Happy Shopping!!!
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Lalena said...

What? No pics???

Lori said...

Hey Angela! I am not familiar with that store as I am an east coast girl living in the Mid West :) But, yesterday, the best deals were in JCPenny, I guess everyone else just wanted to keep thier merchandise, cause all my bags came from JCP :)

Love Glasses said...

Such a good blog post.