Thursday, November 27, 2008

2008: Real Life Thankfulness

*That Ian's diabetes was detected early. May 8, 2008 my little boy's life changed forever. It sucks to have, but I'm so thankful it's under control and that he's a healthy, happy, normal five year old. I'm so thankful our insurance covers every bit of it.

*That our student loans were paid off JUST THIS PAST WEEK!!! Exactly ten years of paying $400.00 a month. The funny thing is, we live in the exact same area now (Vandenberg AFB) that we did when we started paying them. I'm thankful we were diligent when it was so tempting to not be... and that we were ABLE to be diligent when so many weren't. It feels good. REALLY good.

*That our house in Denver is rented and being taken care of. That in the middle of a destitute economy, we are secure.

*That lives are being changed. Little by little, day by day, relationship by relationship... this gives me so much hope. So much joy. That the Christ in me is reaching out and filling up the empty places in them. That they are receiving Christ into them and then reaching out and filling up the empty places in others. That as imperfect as I am, God continues to use me. But that's the nature of His grace.

*That I now have a stinking awesome, totally rockin' electric guitar to go with my absolutely beautiful, never-fails-me acoustic guitar. (I did title this Real Life Thankfulness. I'm being real.)

Think of some specific, real life things you're truly thankful for. Share them with someone else. Then listen to what they have to say. And have a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving with the ones you love.
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