Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm still grieving over our nation's great loss. But I made a run on them at Albertson's, so I'm at least being comforted in my grief.

2. Today is Jordan's 10th birthday. I can't believe I now have TWO children old enough to have military ID cards.

3. I make a mean cake. That's right. I'm totally bragging.

4. Did you know that the 99 cents store has upped it's price to 99.9 cents? Yes. It's still called the 99 cents store, but I'll be paying just a tad more for my large box of Gobstoppers and good-tasting-but-not-good-looking fruit. Blame the economy.

5. Gas stations have always tacked on an extra 00.9 cents. What's THEIR excuse?

6. Do other people use Cake Flour when they bake cakes? It's supposed to make them lighter and fluffier. Red Velvet calls for it, but not Hershey's 5 Minute Chocolate Cake. I don't always think it's do-or-die necessary, but somehow husbands do. Well, at least one husband does. I tend to opt for the so-heavy-you-know-it's-dripping-with-sugar kinds of cakes.

7. I also prefer buttercream over whipped cream. It's that heavy thing again. (Man, opposites do attract.)

8. I've lost five pounds in the past month. Not that I need to lose five pounds, but I think it's because I stopped drinking anything carbonated... for the time being. And not that the minus-five-pounds thing is worth giving up carbonation altogether. I'm just saying it's an interesting correlation.

9. Why do I even bother to label my posts? You know, those little links at the bottom of each post that are like subject tags? I don't show them in my sidebar, and I really have way too many. It's hard to remember what kind of post goes with what tag. But I'm not sure I can delete a tag once I've added it to the bottom of a post. It just remains in my "posting options" thingy at the bottom of my post draft page. I mean, in a perfect world one would happen upon my page and enjoy a post so much that they click on the tag at the bottom of said post to be taken to other posts of the same subject. Subjects such as Sassy Shoe Thursday and Crazy World. But often I'm just left wondering if I put posts about Jordan under "Jordan" or "kids" or "life" or "everyday life." Because I've forgotten that I've already created the tag "life," so I create a new tag called "everyday life." And then I don't know how to delete either. Or maybe I forgot to tag a post at all. Quite confusing.

10. Sometimes each of these numbers in a Ten on Tuesday post could be a post in and of itself. I'm now going to go frost a mean cake...
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*emmy said...

I can't wait to loose my first 5lbs. after this pregnancy.
I can't wait to go back to W.W's and get my stars.
I can't wait to go back to the gym!

Lucky : ^P .