Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. My floor is dirty. It's always dirty. I'm not complaining, just simply stating a fact. Always. Dirty.

2. Has anyone checked out my sidebar lately? I think a roomba is still over there. Hmmm... yes. Yes, it is.

3. Hey! Christmas is coming! Can you believe it's nearly the middle of OCTOBER? Oct-stinking-ober. (That's the correct pronunciation, in case you were wondering.) I don't know what it was about #2 on this list that made me think of Christmas.

4. My Tuesday morning group is doing the Boundaries study. Ohmygosh, it is SO incredibly good. Almost overwhelming because of all the amazing information. If you're doing a small group and wondering what curriculum to use, this is the one. Yessiree. But be sure to get the Participant's Guide, too. EVERYONE can benefit immENsely from this!!! (It's also just in regular old book form, too.)

5. Fish aren't snuggly. Has anyone else noticed this? Choppy is cute, but I cannot snuggle him. He does not come and cuddle me on the couch. He doesn't curl up by my feet. He doesn't sit in the sunshine of the upstairs landing while I fold laundry. He's a good fish, but he isn't snuggly. I guess I could TRY to snuggle him.

6. Hey! Christmas is coming! (Something about #5 must have reminded me.)

7. I paid a visit to the orthodontist today with my firstborn. I have thought about this many times before, but today reminded me again. Two of the things I am most thankful to my parents for: 1-College was NEVER NOT an option, and 2-braces.

8. Yes, Taylor's going to follow in his parents' footsteps and need some major work done. We need wisdom whether to start the process now or to wait and see how things develop.

9. Our absentee ballots came in the mail yesterday. Usually we wait until the last minute to send them in just because we forget, life is busy, etc. But these will be sent back this week.

10. That reminds me. I need to pick up that yard sign.
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Summer said...

In regards to number 3, I heard that some places around town already have Christmas stuff out. Seriously! It's ONLY October people! Please do not rush my upcoming change of age any sooner than necessary people!

And I agree.....I thank my parents for paying for braces. Great confidence booster for a lovely smile. :)

*emmy said...

Dirty floors: Lately my floors have been dirty too, and this is driving me crazy ! I am so huge and uncomfortable right now that simple things like sweeping and mopping have been on the back burner. It kills my back to do house work. Maybe Damon or my mom-in-law will surprise me and get me a house keeper for a while =^). Wow, that would make these last few weeks I got so much easier. Yaaay, baby is almost here!