Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sassy Shoe Thursday: The Gift

It was going to be an awesome weekend, anyway. Great girlfriends. Shopping our way to LA. An amazing conference. What more could you ask for?

Well, you know my answer to that: shoes. You can always ask for shoes.

I had never... are you ready for this... I had never been to a DSW. I KNOW! I KNOW! I was in somewhat close proximity to one in Denver, but whenever I went to that area of town I spent all my time at the mall and Nordstrom Rack. Well, on our beloved girlie trip last month I finally crossed the threshold of this beloved place.

Wasting no time with regular priced articles, we headed straight for the sale rack. It was at the end of my second aisle that I spotted them. The tag. The platform. The straps. The price.

As I slipped it on my foot I wondered if I would be Cinderella or the Stepsister. Alas, it fit! Albeit, minus the ball gown. But these call for an edgier approach anyway.

I paced the floor in front of the mirror. The usual, "I love them! I'm not sure. Girls? What do you think? Good? Yes? No? Hmmm. They're awesome! But, I'm not sure. Girls?"

After much assurance that I would be strung up on the next tree we found if I didn't buy them, I floated around the rest of the store with my gift in hand. Yes, floated.

I say gift because they weren't 100% necessary. They weren't going to save the world. Maybe save a little of MY world, (this was shortly after The Great Loss), but not THE world. Yet, they came along anyway. God knew exactly what would lift my heart and make it soar. And it's so awesome that He doesn't overlook the details! Nay. Details are His specialty. And He brought along the perfect shoes at the perfect price for the perfect weekend...

...just because He loves me. So intimately. (Check out the tag. He does take special care, yes?)

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*emmy said...

Fabuous find! They are fun, they are funky they have "take- me- out- to- the- hippist- club- in- town-tonight-baby" written all over them!

You got your back my shoe sista ; ^) !