Friday, October 10, 2008

(If Animal Planet isn't x-rated...

...then this post isn't, either.)

Brittney came home from school the other day with two ladybugs. She had carried them on her hand all the way on the bus, on the walk home, and now into our kitchen.

Brit: "Mom! Look! They're stuck together! See? And the one on top keeps wiggling around. They won't come apart! What are they doing?"

Wise older brother, Taylor, answers before I can: "They're mating."

Brit: "They're what?"

Taylor: "Mating. So they can have babies."

Brit. "Oh. Which one is the boy ladybug?"

Taylor: "The one on top."

Brit: "Why is he shaking sometimes?"

Me, cutting off an educated-by-Animal-Planet-and-Discovery-Channel Taylor: "Well, that's just what boy ladybugs do."

Ian: "Cool!"

Funny how we never really go looking for these conversations, they just have a way of finding us. Thankyouverymuchladybugs. And, of course, seizing the moment... I run for my camera.

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Thany said...

I have typed up a few responses but I don't want this blog to become X-rated....or for anyone to really see how my mind works.

Instead I will quote the amazing and ever adorable Ian: "Cool!"

PS: My word verification is "synus" which I think would be a cool name for a band...or for a homeopathic cold remedy.

Mandi! said...

As if we needed an actual image! Thanks for giving us a peek into your everyday life:)

*By the way, are all your upcoming shows going to be on a Wed? They're just a little harder to get to than some other days...

Lalena said...

I'm so glad you have recorded this moment in time. To cool!

*emmy said...

Hee-hee-hee. I will DIE the day my kids start using words like MATING!