Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Women of Faith 2008

Four dear friends. Shopping. Food. Silliness. Laughter. Tears. Women of Faith was awesome. We shopped our way to Anaheim on Thursday, which included burying our toes in the shaggy oversized rug at the Camarillo Ugg Outlet.

Yes! It's an Ugg OUTLET!!! There was also Juicy, Coach, Betsey Johnson (we all tried on at least one dress), Michael Kors... albeit, the Gap is more in my price range. But I looked. And drooled. I did almost get a Juicy tee, but it was too thin! I'm not paying $20.00, which was 80% off, for something you can see through. Sheesh. Let's be reasonable here.

Us at the pre-conference. I had a few moments of panic when all my advanced planning to get the perfect seats was sent willy-nilly with the large crowd of jostling women (Yes, jostling. It gives you a good visual.) and event staff that couldn't direct me to the correct location of will call. But, all was not lost. Due to fast thinking friends named Tammy and fast running to said perfect seats, we arose triumphant! Perfect seats. PERFECT seats.

Anita Renfroe, Patsy Clairmont, and Jan Silvious spoke... if you can call dancing around the stage "speaking." Look at Anita's shoes! I wish I had a better picture. Red patent pointy-toed stilettos. Oh, baby.

Look at THAT! When I see the work of a brilliant mind I am compelled to share. Cup holders. In the BATHROOM. A thing of beauty. I could now "use the facilities" in peace knowing that my $5.00 cup of happiness was safe. I swear those weren't there last year. And I hope all other arenas in America take note: Angela White says you need cupholders in your bathroom. In fact, maybe I should install them in MY bathrooms.

This was the first year I was able to attend the Members Only Reception prior to the main conference. (Thanks to my mom-in-law!) From left to right that's Sandi Patty, Marilyn Meberg, my dear Mary Graham, Sandi's daughter whose name escapes me, and Luci Swindoll. But, take a look at this next picture...

Marilyn had on black patent leather boots! They were awesome! I just had to post a photo for my sassy shoe loving readers. I want to be on the Women of Faith team just so I can have their cool shoes. Well, it goes way deeper than that. But isn't that the bottem-line issue for any decision? What shoes you get to wear?

My dearest, dearest Mary Graham. This woman has affected my life in such ways she will never fully know. When you move from state to state, not always knowing when or where you're going, people who make you feel at home are treasured. There are so many things I could say, and so many things I would never have the words to. Thank you, Mary. You've been a mentor to me without even knowing it.

Look who Amber and I got our picture with! Pasty is adorable. She may only be five-foot-something-or-other, but she's one of the tallest standing women I've ever met.

Lalena, Amber, and Tammy... thank you for coming with me. Thank you for letting the "C" in my almost always "I" personality show through, and for loving me anyway. Thank you for sharing the emotions, for making memories, and for holding me accountable to the truths we learned together. I love you girls.

What an awesome time it was. Every year God has something new and fresh in store for me. (I mean, last year was amazing, especially when God added in something extra-special. And the year before was awesome, too.) Every year I wonder if I'll be able to go, and somewhere inside assume I won't. But every year I do, and I get refreshed, renewed, and ready to launch into more of what my Creator has laid out for me. No matter what city the Air Force takes this family to, Women of Faith will be there. It's my home.
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Amy said...

Sounds amazing and perfect!! (and now I want to go install cup holders in all the bathrooms in my house) :)

Lori said...

You got excited over the cup holder and shoes, I got excited over seeing Sandy P. Just brought back so many memories for me and the influence of her music.

The Downtown Boutique said...

Looks like a wonderful time. I have yet to attend a WOF conference, but hopefully will be able to soon.

God bless!

*emmy said...

I could feel your energy and excitement flowing out of this blog. Your time sounds amazing and I am so happy that you were so blessed to have been given once again this wonderful opportunity to go.