Thursday, September 18, 2008

The War

Just last night I was remarking to my husband how there was only one solitary ant roaming the kitchen counter. Could this be victory? Yes! Yes, it could! This entire summer I have battled the ants, armed with Home Defense Spray and Terro. "Be patient, it takes a while." Ah, the words of husbands (I only have one, but I'm sure other husbands say it, too.) and friends and relatives. "Those things take a while to kill the entire colony."

Four weeks has the Terro sat on my counter top. Slowly the black line has been shrinking. And then, last night, one solitary ant.

This morning.

One solitary ant.

Run errands. Pick up Ian. Home again. Fix my lunch. Fix Ian a snack.


I turn around to see the styrofoam container on the counter, formerly full of leftovers and now housing some trash "on its way" to the garbage can MOVING. It's moving. Agh! It's moving!!!

No, wait.

It just LOOKS like it's moving because it's swarming with a black mass of my. worst. enemy.

(Okay, well that's actually the devil. But you get my point.)

The black stream is back. In full glory. From the top of the pantry, down the wall, across the counter, to the ill-fated take-out box by the sink. And I thought, "Oh, I'll wait and take it to the trash can in the morning." I can hear Cher now, "If I could turn back time, if I could find a way..."

Nothing has worked. Nothing. Obviously I was disillusioned that the Terro was actually doing anything. They even look bigger and stronger than before. I've seen two big army ants mixed in with the little ones. (I don't think that's the technical term, but go with me here.) They're parading back and forth on the edge of my counter. Every once in a while they stop, peer upward with their beady little eyes (I said work with me) and laugh menacingly in my general direction. Remember the ant scene in Indiana Jones?

Help. Me.
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Moore Fam said...

I hate ants. And flies. They peer with their beady eyes too!! They do!! I know that look you're talking about!!

Our Happenin's said...

That's so weird! I had randomly thought of you and the ant battle just this morning! I feel your pain... I freak even when they're outside:(

Christel louise said...

we have the tiny, tinniest little ants you could ever see they are terribly annoying. Sorty that you have to deal witht them too. ughh!

MomOfDudes said...

My friend thought she had the ants concured she started leaving them dog food in the planters, it worked for awhile but then they came back inside for the real stuff.

I am sorry my pal. Sounds like a call to Orkin is in order.