Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things I Passed On At Goodwill

This is it. Maybe the most revealing post I've ever done. Possibly more so than the under-the-couch post or the cobwebs post, both in which you discover that I am a horrible housekeeper. I might try to mask it by pulling out some seemingly insightful life lesson. But the truth is, I'm just not that great at keeping our home all Pottery-Barn-ish. (That would translate as "clean" to most people.)

Now you are going to find out truly what kind of person I am. Of course, if you look at my updates on facebook or twitter (Do you twitter? Come follow me!) you already know that... last week I got all in a tizzy because of a 50% off sale at Goodwill! Yes!!! And, you know what? It was AWESOME. I scored Gap, American Eagle, Banana Republic, Target... the list could go on. Nothing cost more than $2.00 and everything was in perfect (okay, some were near-perfect) condition.

So, with all the amazing deals on awesome stuff that I DID find, I thought I would show you what I chose to pass on. Although it gave me a hearty laugh for the day, and I wished I had it for Tacky T-shirt Bunco that I attended the night before... this one I chose to leave on the rack.

I may have made a mistake, though. Many a costume could be fine tuned with this great piece of artwork. Mm-hmm. If it would have fit Nate it would have been in my basket. For some reason the fact that it was Abercrombie didn't redeem it one bit, and on the contrary made my stomach convulse all the more at the thought of some girl paying Abercrombie prices and actually wearing this around.

So, now you know that not only can you find an entire meal plus entertainment (Candy Land, anyone?) under my couch, but I will beat you down in Goodwill for a vintage vest on 50% off day.

And, yes. I actually got a vintage vest.
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Amy said...

you are my kinda gal!! I will fight you for that vintage vest any day!

Crayl said...

I love a good sale at a thrift store! May I borrow this idea for a blog sometime? No time super soon, but what a wonderful idea...things I didn't buy...We often rummage through it all for the sheer laughter of some fashion. I will only do this same thing with permission, please?
And you are totally right about the shirt, eww, and was it designed for a girl or a guy to wear, either way, ick!!

MomOfDudes said...

How do you find out when 50% off day is?

Ours just seem to have deals on certain dot colors which are always not the same as what you get

I LOVE a good thrift store!

*emmy said...

Tackie shirt day. Ha, what a FUNNY and great idea for a game night or some kind of get together sometime. I wonder what crazy shirts my frineds would come over in, or what they would go out and buy =).

P.S I am so behind in my blog readings. I can't believe just how busy I have been lately. I haven't even posted anything on Sophia's 3 birthday yet! But you know me, I eventually catch up =^).