Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Little Champion

This past weekend was crazy. I want to blog on all of it, but can only handle a little piece at a time. In the midst of everything, we drove to Brit's gymnastics meet in Visalia. And since this is my blog and I can write about whatever I want, I'm going to take this opportunity to brag about my daughter.

I. am. incredibly. proud. of. her.

Brit had a blast. She just had so much fun that her face was about to split in two because she was smiling so big for so long. Her team took first place, and she took second place overall with a 35.somethingorother, which qualified her for the Northern California State meet in December. (San Diego girls, I'm so sorry! We won't be back this year!)

It's wonderful to see your daughter relaxed, laughing, and succeeding... and walking off that gym floor with the confidence I pray daily for her to find. (Thank you Jaime and Nikole for the love and encouragement you show my little girl!)
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Thany said...

Oh Angela how wonderful!
Way to go Brit!

Summer said...

It looks like her brothers are just as proud of her. I love how supportive and encouraging your family is! And....CONGRATS BRIT!!!!

*emmy said...

How exciting!! Heck ya, that is something to brag about! Way to to go Britney!!

( Ah, shucks no San Diego this year )

amber said...

Hooray, Brit! Great Job

Christel louise said...

Go Brit. That is fun that she likes gymnastics, maybe the next Nastia Luikens(from the olympics). Don't mortgage your home or anything to get there though.

Shauna Shaw said...

Hey! I have a little gymnast at my household too...and I'm a coach! Congrats to your little gal with her gymnastics meet! What level is she - did she qualify for State with that score?