Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sassy Shoe Thursday: What Angela Wants

It all started with a simple little email... from

***Free Shipping on with any order over $50.00! Plus, new clearance items added!***

"Well, I can't ORDER anything, but I'll look.

"Well, maybe I should put these in my cart. I can show Nate later. They ARE reasonable. You never know.

"Hmm... if I'm going to show him those, I might as well show him these. I mean, it IS free shipping. Oooo, but you can't return clearance. But I'm sure they would work.

"Well, maybe I should look at the non-clearance styles. You can return those if they don't work out. Oh, they have their new styles out for fall. Well I could put THOSE in my cart, too. If I'm not really getting anything then it's only an imaginary cart anyway.

"And I should put those in.

"And those.


Do you SEE what a conundrum I've gotten myself into? Now I'm looking at all these fabulous styles that are not EVEN coming into my closet with THOSE price tags, but I'm drooling nonetheless. Albeit, it IS an IMAGINary shopping cart. But it's still quite a lovely shopping cart. With free shipping. (If you start at the bottem, you can see how I began with the clearance ones that I really wanted, and then it quickly turned into quite a fantasy shopping trip.

I seriously need to be a spokesperson for Steve Madden. Does he not REALIZE the advertising opportunities he's missing out on by not supporting our beautiful partnership? I'd be perfect, you know.

And, while we're at it, Christian Louboutin can bring me on as well.
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Susie said...

I just went window shopping, too, the thing is, people keep warning me that my toes need to be COVERED in a month or two. Something about snow?

Crayl said...

Just for the record, black font on dark green background is hard to read. Sorry. It's pretty though.
And where did my other comment go? Did I offend?

*emmy said...

Yes, I am too salivating. Now I know what my dinner dicussion wish will be when you ask me ;^) .