Saturday, August 2, 2008

I have amazing friends.

Friends who sneak in and steal things from my garage. While I'm out of town. Things that I've been meaning to paint since mid-March. Things that would look awesome if good intentions were ever realized, but that just clutter up space and annoy husbands when those good intentions remain buried under pressing to-do lists. (Run-on sentence alert!)

Friends who sand. Friends who paint. Friends who roll unsightly light green/dark green/contact papered/sticker covered cubbies down the street on a dolly. Friends who love me enough to sport black nostrils. Friends who show up at my door with awesome black cubbies that now sit in my entryway.

Did you notice there are six cubbies? Hmmm. How many of us are in this family? Yes. Perfect.

I have amazing friends. God must love me very much to give me amazing friends such as these.

Now for the contest in which you win nothing but blog points, which are a totally fictitious thing I made up that have no value and no one keeps track of:

What saying/quote/scripture should go above the awesome cubbies? I like Exodus 14:14. But help me think of other possibilities!
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Moore Fam said...

So cute. I can see the definite need for a quote above. Your Ex 14:14 in meaningful, so that seems perfect! Or what about the part of Ps 139 where God is aware of all of our comings and goings and all of our ways? Just another idea.... or Psalm 98 maybe?

amber said...

I say you just put a line of handprints above it! Daddy on down. hmmmm...actually, i like that idea for me, don't use it, forget I even mentioned it!

*emmy said...

How about a movie quote from Narnia?

Reepicheep: "We were expecting someone taller"

Aslan: All that you know is about to change.

Lucy Pevensie: I wonder who lived here.
Susan Pevensie: I think we did.

It would make for a fun conversation piece.

*emmy said...


Aslan: ...May your wisdom grace us until the STARS rain down from the heavens.

I like this one because it mentions the word STAR just like the star you have sitting on your cubbies =^) .

MooBeeMa said...

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell
together in unity! Psalm 133:1