Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I can't really blame it on communism...

This is horrible. I know our world relentlessly pursues perfection, but this goes too far. Can you imagine the conversation with this little girl who DIDN'T get to be on tv?

"Honey, I'm sorry. Your voice is beautiful, but your face just isn't up to government standards. It's not BAD, it's just not perfect."

I think she's adorable. Perfectly child-like and perfectly adorable.

I WOULD say that communism disgusts me. Like the fact that the 20 year old gymnast who led the Chinese team to gold last night was taken from her parents at three, called a few years later crying to come home and they said no, "What you're doing for our country is too great." She sees her family once a year.

But really it's humanity that disgusts me. Because all of this comes from our selfish, sinful nature. Our pride. And we're all guilty of that. I want to say that it's communism. I want to say, "Boo... Hiss..." But it's buried in all of us somewhere.

Communism just expedites it's arrival on our surface.

Thank you, Jesus, that we can live differently... for something different... for something greater than ourselves, than our humanity. Thank you, Jesus.

But, I can still say, "Boo... Hiss, hiss..."
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Our Happenin's said...


Jeremy said...

If I were to be completely honest, this really doesn't bother me that much. How is this any different than any other audition in Hollywood? A director will select characters based on what he feels an audience is looking for. Are stunt doubles being descriminated against because they can't act? Now don't get me wrong, I think the little girl that actually sang was adorable and did a fantastic job... and also the girl that did the lip sync did a fantastic job performing. Over all I thought the event, from an entertainment standpoint (which is what is intended) was incredible! I don't know if this is insensative, but I think there are deeper human rights issues in China than a lip singing performance.

Angela said...

I see your point, Jerm. Except that what really gets me is the Chinese government won't admit to the truth. It was the music director that came forward, wanting the little girl who actually sang to have the credit for the song. In "entertainment," everyone gets the "credit." Stunt doubles get their name on the end of the film just like the actors do. But when something is portrayed as true, then comes out it's false, and officials still try to cover it up and make it seem true... that just goes too far. It's interesting how the link on the Bejing radio website no longer worked shortly after the music director's interview. The deep human rights issues in China all come from the same root. They can try to put on their best face, but when lies and deceit are the basis, they will always show through somewhere.

(Miss you. Come for Christmas?)

Jeremy said...

I agree, the cover up is week and the actual singer should be getting all the credit she is getting now. Funny you should bring up Christmas, because I just told Christine that we need to let you know that we are planning on coming down! Don't worry, we'll take the RV with us when we leave after a month.

Thany said...

I totally see what both you and Jeremy are saying. When I first heard this story, I interrupted it and said people should get over themselves thinking the "lip syncing" was more of an Ashlee Simpson than Milli Vanilli. But when I heard the whole thing, it just made such a beautiful opening ceremonies feel tainted a little bit.

Nothing wrong with subbing a good singers face with a better looking person but don't lie about it.

*emmy said...

I was totally going to blog on this story too! I was so disgusted when I heard about this story. Oh my goodness do they not just realize that they just crushed on little girls self-esteem. What a horrible message to send out. Shame on them and thier lies.