Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gun Show

Ian has your tickets. Right here.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Ian was arrested for carrying concealed weapons... these guns.

No. No. No.

Do you know a good vet? 'Cause these pythons are sick.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

You better call a plumber... 'cause these pipes are about to burst.

(But he is adorable, yes?)
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Thany said...

Anyone got a needle and thread?

'Cuz Ian is ripped!

Thany said...

Ian almost got kicked out of school today...

...for carrying around a six pack and 2 guns!

Thany said...

Ian can't wear a jacket without a concealed weapon license.

Thany said...

Ok...I'm done.

This made me giggle.
And I needed a giggle.

And yes, he's sooooo cute!

*emmy said...

You two just cracked me up!! I had a good one but between both of you silly girls my punch lines were taken-ha,ha,ha,ha