Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sassy Fashion Thursday: What NOT To Wear To Your Local Fair

I know it's hot, and I know you want to be comfortable. But, dear goodness, some semblance of fashion rules still do apply even at the local fair. I just wish I was as bold with the camera EVERY time I witnessed a walking disaster yesterday. Alas, I only got the nerve up once... because I already had the camera out... because we were in the petting zoo... where, yes even there, fashion rules still apply.

I wish I could have taken the shot from a better angle, but from any direction the plaid oversized sleeveless jumper is still not okay. Not. Okay. This picture doesn't do the traveshamockery justice. (Whoever knows the origin of that word wins five points that count toward nothing!)

I wish I could have shown you the g-string with the large pink bow that was deliberately hanging out the backside of a young ladies lowrider denim of choice. It looked like a tail.

Or the mullets. There were quite a few of those. Both male and female.

I wish I was bolder with the camera.
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Jeremy said...

I wish I would have had a camara on me last night while we were at a friends softball game...we mistakenly thought it was a co-ed league but those beefy "dudes" with mohawks weren't dudes

*emmy said...

Oh yes, I love the way the fair brings out the "best" dressed in everyone ;^). I can't believe ladies (and sometime men) are STILL wearing those hanging out thongs for the world to see! Aiy, aiy,aiy.

Your next assenment should be to sit outside of Walmart and report back what you find! TAke the hidden camera with you too!

MooBeeMa said...

I'm sort of glad you weren't bolder with the camera. It doesn't sound pretty.