Tuesday, July 8, 2008

...on a jet plane

It was kind of weird to watch them walk out on the runway. Not weird because they were getting on a plane, but weird because I wasn't getting on the plane WITH them.

A week at Grandma & Grandpa's in Oregon.

A week at Gramma & Bampa's in Washington.

Flying by themselves.

I cannot even communicate the excitement they both exuded at the airport. And when their flight was delayed for mechanical reasons it was almost too much. Taylor wanted to know why they couldn't wait on the plane while the mechanics got it ready, because that would be so much more fun. Jordan just kept running in circles.

And then there they went. My boys who are getting so big. Too big. Big enough to fly by themselves. On a jet plane.

How is a mother's heart supposed to handle all this? I guess somehow it just miraculously does.
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Brandi said...

They are getting so big...I was just looking at the picture and was telling Wade how big Taylor's feet look....

What a proud Mama you must be!

Thany said...

Oh my gosh Angela! I cannot wrap my BRAIN around this! They made it safely and everything, right? I am sure they did. Wow. You are a strong Mama letting your sweet birds fly out of the nest on their own. Hang in there.

And in the meantime, Naked Tuesdays, right?!

Susie said...

Oh my word, I can't begin to imagine this day- ack!

How did they do? Did you have super sleuth spies on the plane watching them?? I'm so curious!

Our Happenin's said...

They are going to have an amazing time! Good job for being so brave!

*emmy said...

Oh wow, big enough to fly with out mama bear..... hold on while I wipe the tear away from you eye. So have you heard from them yet? I'm sure you have, and you are probaly already one step ahead of them because of the navigating sensor you slipped into each one of their back packs ;^).

Grandma Pajama said...

FYI - Taylor's feet are enormous - we bought size men's 8 for him to ride the 4-wheeler today. And Jordan grilled the hotdogs, they shot the 20 guage shotgun, and began to learn to run the tractor. They learned to split wood with the maul, and stacked it in the barn.
Grandma Pajama and Grandpa Fix-It

MooBeeMa said...

I would have been hyperventilating and running down the tarmac yelling "I changed my mind! Bring my kids back!"