Friday, July 11, 2008

Fun at the Fair

Dollar Day at the Fair is only second best to Free Day at the Fair. The second doesn't exist, but we sure do love the first! (With Taylor and Jordan galavanting around the Northern West Coast, we're working hard to equal their fun.)

The petting zoo was awesome! Goats are just a tad smelly...

...and hungry...

...sometimes for pink cell phones that are in the pocket of the eager photographer.

Oh, dear! A deer! (Your daily dose of homophones.)

Trying to make ugly pig faces. His hair sure was scratchy!

We got to see piglets! They were just born the day before. SO cute to watch!

We got to see friends. Missy, Madison, & Rebecca had their piggies at the fair.

And more friends.

And eat fun treats.

And when Daddy came back with us that evening there was some mad go-cart racing. Who is that driving all by themselves?

The kids and I had so much fun throughout the day. I didn't even get pictures of the tile they each painted at the Home Depot Booth, or their faces as we entered the smelly livestock tent, or me drooling over the great Coach and LV knock offs that were in PLAIN SITE in at least four booths. No pictures of me swooning over my funnel cake, or the kids riding their "one ride each."

But, I think the llama and I made a definite connection.

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*emmy said...

Awww, I love the cute! And may I add you are looking very cute too standing there next to that lama =^). Fun pictures.

Thany said...

Me and My Llama
This is what I sing in my head every time I see a Llama!

Yay for the fair!!

Jeremy said...

Speaking of Homo-phones...I think your pink mobile would qualify

Brandi said...

Ilike how the little piglets look like little oreos....

Crayl said...

Love the photo of you with the Llama.
Hey, I tagged you for a meme at my blog...hope you participate.:)

MooBeeMa said...

Love the Llama photo! Very cute.