Sunday, July 6, 2008


This is an official blog post. In case I have forgotten, I'm reminding myself now. Blog post. This is. I am posting. Right now.



And because the majority of good blog posts should include pictures, I'll do that, too. Yes. I'm amazing. I know.

It's for rent again. If you need a home in Denver, we have one for you!

It's amazing.

Like me.

And this is a blog post.
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The Adventure said...

Best wishes on finding a renter :) Our home is up for rent as well!! Stresses me out a bit!

MooBeeMa said...

Maybe you could put that cute house on a big truck and move it to, um, I don't know, Oregon?

Ati2ude said...

Wow...You've been a little Miss Sassy! I take it the sun is working against you rather than for you. *grinning* You ought to try it out here....nice ole 96 on the 4th. Made for good times in the pool... and let's tack on some humidity...80's. We musn't (it's a forget the humidity. Texas wouldn't be what it is without it!

Ally said...

Okay, I promise I will not bother you to blog for at least 2 weeks!! Perhaps I was getting a bit persistent! Breathe in and out and think of lovely, sale-priced shoes!

See, Don't you feel better already!

*emmy said...

Oh Angela, I didn't realize your Colorado home was this BEAUTIFUL! Recently I have been having the urge to move.... to move far away as in Colorado far because I love Colorado! It is such a peacful place that gives me so much soulful rest. And I would love to make your house my home.

But. I can't leave, because Bethany would kill me ;^).

Brandi said...

I've said it before...and I'll say it again.... If it was in the right neighborhood I would SO TOTALLY rent your house...It is beautiful.

Try Craigslist....that's where we've been looking for a house to rent.

Thany said...

Is it big enough for Emmy and I to share? Because I need to get out of here.