Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm flying up to Oregon tomorrow...

2. ...to be at my mom's graduation!!! She's getting her bachelor's in Very Important Christian Ministry and Biblical Studies Stuff. Her dream. So cool.

3. When I was in school we immediately said we were 5th graders as soon as the last day of 4th grade was over. Likewise, we were freshman as soon as that last bell rang in eighth grade. Does this mean that Ian is a Kindergartner next Wednesday as soon as the other kids are done with school?

4. We're getting the hang of the Diabetes thing.

5. My kitchen floor is disgusting. But, isn't it always?

6. I'm still holding out for a roomba... and a scooba.

7. Target has lots of fun patriotic stuff in their dollar section right now. I could go nuts. I'll try not to. Do you want to come listen to the Battle Hymn of the Republic with me? Maybe Taps? We can wave the little flags that were in the bin next to the cds. Then we can spread butter on our toast with red, white and blue butter knives as we scoop it off my blue star dish.

8. Baseball is over. Closing ceremonies are Sunday... the same day as Father's Day... and our anniversary.

9. Our lives are always nuts. I say from time to time things must be more nuts than the last time I said it, however, I've come to the realization things simply never return to normal. Except, if there never was a normal to begin with... maybe this IS normal. (Mom, you can write the thesis on that.)

10. But, seriously. I don't make these things up.

(Green stick fracture on his collarbone. He'll be in the figure 8 brace for four to six weeks. The sling he wears periodically to ease pain and remind him to be careful.)
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Lalena said...

We're skipping through the land of crazy I mean normal together!

Our Happenin's said...

Normal is way overrated! Actually, it sounds boring:) I can't believe Ian fractured his collarbone! Oi! Enjoy your trip:) Hooray!

MomOfDudes said...

I am a Ray Charles America the beautiful lover and as a peanuts fan, I must say Mr Ian is styling in his sling.

Kudos to Mommie!!!!!!!

Have a great trip... The floor will wait.

Love ya, Troysie

Crayl said...

The sling is so cute...I mean, i am sorry he needs it, but it's cute!
Have a great trip, and YAY MOM!

Susie said...

hey- Sunday is OUR anniversary! Actually I was just thinking about this this morning- which one to celebrate first in blogland? father's Day or Anniversary. I guess the anniversary- it came first, right?

Ian- what on earth?? What did he do>??

crazybecks said...

What on earth did Ian do to his collar bone?? Did he smart off to you again? Ha Ha Ha

Katie Glathar said...

There is a lot of information packed in that email. First of all, what about the Diabetes? Who? Secondly, How did Ian manage that?

Workout Diva said...

I had to laugh - my kids finished school a little over a week ago - and were telling everyone that they were in the next grade. SO I now have a kindergartener and a 2nd grader. Whew!

Congratulations to your mother!

MooBeeMa said...

Good thing you've got those adorable kiddos waiting for you at home or you might just want to stay in Oregon FOREVER! Am I right??

Holly in Oregon

Thany said...

1. Fun!
2. Mom, you are awesome!
3. Kindergartners? They are in KINDERGARTEN?!
4. PTL
5. I only got to half of mine the other day so I only have half a disgusting kitchen floor. The other half is beyooooootiful!!
6. Woomba? (Yes, every time you say Roomba.)
7. I'm coming over.
8. Happy Anniversary!
9. Eh, normal is boring. And you know it.
10. Sigh. He's such a cute little monkey.