Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Five on Tuesday

1. When you go to record your son's school play, be sure to check the camera settings first. Otherwise you'll go to download it later and realize everything is blurry... because you left it in sport mode.

2. It takes two hours to vacuum and mop my entire downstairs when I go at top speed. Have you noticed the more you try to hurry, the more you push down trying to get spots up, consequently you grip the mop harder? Then your hands hurt more the next day? And all your routine tasks take longer to accomplish? So maybe I should just take my time mopping in the first place, then my hands wouldn't hurt, and it all equals out in the long run.

3. How long do we have to wait for a tan pill? If there are lotions and creams and sprays, why not a pill? It seems simple enough.

4. Our tenants gave notice. Does anyone want to rent a large house in Denver?

5. Five on Friday would sound better. But it's Tuesday, when "we," (meaning the collective blogoshpere), would include in the title of a post of this nature Ten. I have ten. It's not that I don't have ten. Heck, if we sat down for coffee I could probably give you eighty-two, possibly more. But I'm off to re-record a school play, so you get five.
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Brandi said...

I so wish i could rent your large house in Denver...but I do believe it is in the wrong neighborhood for us...sorry!
And I love your five on Tuesday...I understand. It's Okay!
P.S. I would SO love a tan pill...you invent it I'll use it!

Crayl said...

Five is better than none, I accept.
Sorry about your tenants giving notice.

MooBeeMa said...


Bee Repartee said...

Oh, girl if I was a chemist, I'd make that tan pill.

Oregonians don't tan, we rust!!

PS. How big is big? Bliss in Bloom/Piper of Love blogger is moving to Colorado..but don't know where..I'll ask, she is the best.

Thany said...

I am raising my hand requesting the "sitting down for coffee" part.

Thany said...

AND, if taking stuff can make you turn blue like that dude on Oprah (who, by the way, I am almost 100% sure I saw at Disneyland last month) why NOT something that makes you tan toned??

*emmy said...

let me when you get wind of that tan pill. I burned myself at Sea World yesterday that it is starting to hurt today.

Lalena said...

Your house looks awesome. Thanks for having all us crazys over every week.