Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"At the carwash..."

If you know our family well you know our cars are seldom clean and shiny. Our poor Suburban is just over two years old, yet is consistently covered in a layer of grime. Given, that grime is well earned with dusty baseball games and windy drives out to the base. Hubby: Carwashes cost money. Me: I want a clean car. Hubby: Go wash it yourself. Me: Oh. Well... uhh...

Yesterday I could stand it no more.

Remember going through the carwash as kid? There's something magical about it. A mystery. An adventure. You're ushered through a secret passageway and who knows where you'll come out. (I always secretly hope for Narnia. Wardrobe... carwash... it could happen.)

I had to capture it.


Yesterday evening we walked back to the Suburban after Jordan's team reigned victorious against the Orioles. Happy. Celebrating.

Sudden anger.

Someone had driven over a package of twinkies and splattered the freshly clean side of our vehicle with brown and white gooeyness. (New Word Alert) Where is the justice? Where is the justice, I say?

The hubby laughed.
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Thany said...

Gooeyness sucks sometimes. I find myself becoming bitter towards the swarms of bugs who affix themselves to my newly cleaned windshield.

The one good thing about living in a townhome? We aren't allowed to wash our cars in the driveway... off to the Carwash we go! The kids didn't like it at first so I just started with Lucy and Nicholas who would put on their brave faces and HOLD HANDS the whole time through. Then, when Nathan saw that the little kids weren't scared, he was willing to go for a ride as well! And now that Costco opened THEIR car wash, we were in heaven. This is a once a week-ish activity for us.

Bee Repartee said...

I guess that is one thing about living in a rainy climate. But we still have Twinkies, so I can say we are only half out of danger.

Jeremy said...

Where is the justice? They ruined a perfectly good twinkie!

Brandi said...

Makayla LOVES the car wash...it's the only time she doesn't have to wear her seat belt and she climbs from the front to the back like a gazillion times.

Gooeyness sucks! At least you don't have all that corn stuff that colorado loves to spray on the roads 'just in case it snows'.


Peris said...

Silly but I hate to wash my car too. I would let it get dirty and gross and then sneak in the car wash....I took my kids for the first time thru a car wash about a week ago....same thing. Just magical and lots of questions. But I did not have the twinkie I got Rain the next day....washing the car doesnot come with good luck~

MooBeeMa said...

I'm surprised the chemicals in the twinkie didn't burn a hole through your paint! Cute photos!

MomOfDudes said...

Cute photos of Mr Ian.
We STILL Love the carwash but I only splurge and get the triple colorful foam when Eric is with me.