Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Odd Item of the Week

You have GOT to be kidding me. Hilarious and weird at the same time... or should I say heelarious. I'm not sure I would put them on an infant of my own. But I could give them to someone else and laugh at THEIR child! Devlish, I say.

Thanks to The Amazing Bethany for the tip.
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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Power of Heat

I could expound on the different types of heat... dogs in heat... the Miami Heat... a race heat. Our little part of California's Central Coast was abnormally warm the last few days. With normal being 65 degrees, 110 is a tad out of character, leaving the majority of us to swelter and do odd things like affix heavy blankets to large windows with packing tape to keep out the HEAT.

Yes, heat brings out the white trash in all of us. (Except those living in the model homes, where the builder installed A/C.) Some of the amazing powers of heat:

Evidently soccer balls that are accustomed to 65 degrees don't fare too well when things pop into the triple digits. The kids thought this was the coolest thing EVER.

Heat brings the lovely little outdoor creatures inside to co-habitat with us. In our kitchen. With our food. And, this morning, in my dishwasher where they died a perilous death. Yes, those black dots are ants. I hate ants. Hate them. Ants. Hate them. Although, they are rather mesmerizing if you crouch by the counter's edge and observe their ways.

Heat also makes some of us forget our fashion sense, and others of us forget our manners and take pictures of the ones with lost fashion sense. The picture doesn't show the offense as proudly as it was displayed in person. But if you look around this poor girls hips you can see a disparity between the white tank top under her dress and the rest of her dress. PLEASE remember that if you're going to wear white under white, you need to do it under the ENTIRE item of clothing. The other option is to wear nude underpinnings, or none at all. (You think I'm joking. I'm not.) A see-through-y dress is only made more see-through-y when you make 1/2 of it not. Does that make sense?
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sassy Fashion Thursday: Shoes of the Season

This is a great little video on what shapes, styles and colors are in for the season when it comes to footwear. I'm wiping away the drool as I type this. (Gross. That means I have slobber on my keyboard.)

Seriously. I want me some gladiators.


Gladiator sandals.

Well, gladiators are good, too. Hubby in armor? Mmmmm...
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

randomly cool tidbit

How totally cool is this? I love it when A-listers do some down-home good... not because they'll get recognition for it, but because they love the people they're serving.

Yes, yes. Good, good.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Five on Tuesday

1. When you go to record your son's school play, be sure to check the camera settings first. Otherwise you'll go to download it later and realize everything is blurry... because you left it in sport mode.

2. It takes two hours to vacuum and mop my entire downstairs when I go at top speed. Have you noticed the more you try to hurry, the more you push down trying to get spots up, consequently you grip the mop harder? Then your hands hurt more the next day? And all your routine tasks take longer to accomplish? So maybe I should just take my time mopping in the first place, then my hands wouldn't hurt, and it all equals out in the long run.

3. How long do we have to wait for a tan pill? If there are lotions and creams and sprays, why not a pill? It seems simple enough.

4. Our tenants gave notice. Does anyone want to rent a large house in Denver?

5. Five on Friday would sound better. But it's Tuesday, when "we," (meaning the collective blogoshpere), would include in the title of a post of this nature Ten. I have ten. It's not that I don't have ten. Heck, if we sat down for coffee I could probably give you eighty-two, possibly more. But I'm off to re-record a school play, so you get five.
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Monday, June 16, 2008

up, up and away...

I like to look out airplane windows. And I like to take pictures of familiar and fun places when I see them from so high up in the air. Would you like to look with me? We live in an amazing country.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm flying up to Oregon tomorrow...

2. ...to be at my mom's graduation!!! She's getting her bachelor's in Very Important Christian Ministry and Biblical Studies Stuff. Her dream. So cool.

3. When I was in school we immediately said we were 5th graders as soon as the last day of 4th grade was over. Likewise, we were freshman as soon as that last bell rang in eighth grade. Does this mean that Ian is a Kindergartner next Wednesday as soon as the other kids are done with school?

4. We're getting the hang of the Diabetes thing.

5. My kitchen floor is disgusting. But, isn't it always?

6. I'm still holding out for a roomba... and a scooba.

7. Target has lots of fun patriotic stuff in their dollar section right now. I could go nuts. I'll try not to. Do you want to come listen to the Battle Hymn of the Republic with me? Maybe Taps? We can wave the little flags that were in the bin next to the cds. Then we can spread butter on our toast with red, white and blue butter knives as we scoop it off my blue star dish.

8. Baseball is over. Closing ceremonies are Sunday... the same day as Father's Day... and our anniversary.

9. Our lives are always nuts. I say from time to time things must be more nuts than the last time I said it, however, I've come to the realization things simply never return to normal. Except, if there never was a normal to begin with... maybe this IS normal. (Mom, you can write the thesis on that.)

10. But, seriously. I don't make these things up.

(Green stick fracture on his collarbone. He'll be in the figure 8 brace for four to six weeks. The sling he wears periodically to ease pain and remind him to be careful.)
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"At the carwash..."

If you know our family well you know our cars are seldom clean and shiny. Our poor Suburban is just over two years old, yet is consistently covered in a layer of grime. Given, that grime is well earned with dusty baseball games and windy drives out to the base. Hubby: Carwashes cost money. Me: I want a clean car. Hubby: Go wash it yourself. Me: Oh. Well... uhh...

Yesterday I could stand it no more.

Remember going through the carwash as kid? There's something magical about it. A mystery. An adventure. You're ushered through a secret passageway and who knows where you'll come out. (I always secretly hope for Narnia. Wardrobe... carwash... it could happen.)

I had to capture it.


Yesterday evening we walked back to the Suburban after Jordan's team reigned victorious against the Orioles. Happy. Celebrating.

Sudden anger.

Someone had driven over a package of twinkies and splattered the freshly clean side of our vehicle with brown and white gooeyness. (New Word Alert) Where is the justice? Where is the justice, I say?

The hubby laughed.
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