Wednesday, May 28, 2008

...because you always wanted to see a picture of my rear.

A while back our family went to the local miniature golf-go cart-rock climbing-bumper boat-everything is a fortune place. The good thing was that once a year all the expensive stuff is one flat price. So, we'll probably go back in another year.

I don't think Uggs are good rock climbing shoes. Now, I don't know from experience. I'm just saying that because fake Uggs aren't good rock climbing shoes, and by my amazing powers of deduction I would guess real Uggs aren't either. Elementary, my dear Watson. (I know you're thinking you should buy me real ones so I can conduct scientific testing. Permission granted. Real Uggs vs. Awesome Costco Fake Uggs. It's on.)

But even in spite of the non-athleticness (New word alert! New word alert!) of my footwear, I made it to the top of the wall! Victory! Yes, I grunted and sweat through the pain of my cold fingers gripping the little hand holds all the way to the top... reached for the coveted buzzer that would alert the world I was the champion... AND... nothing. That's right. Nothing. The stupid buzzer was out of order! Not working! Please, all you who work at amusement park type places and read my blog, make sure the reward buzzers at the end of very grueling and demanding tasks you pay money to do WORK!!! I was so deflated.

I was even more deflated when my eldest shimmied up the wall, swung around to the OTHER SIDE and pressed THAT buzzer that WAS working! My husband quickly followed suit, too. What the heck? I want a buzzer.

Top Photo: Brit was awesome. She got almost all the way to the top, came down, and a few minutes later decided to go again. And didn't you always hope for a view like that of my rear, accentuated by harness straps? Yes. Me, too. It has been my dream to post one for you.

Second: The Incredible Jordan beating some random girl up the wall.

Third: Poor Ian. Evidently rain boots aren't the best rock climbing shoes, either.

Fourth: Taylor beating another random stranger and showing up his mother. Sheesh.

Fifth: Dad and daughter climbing together... right before he also shows up his wife. Double Sheesh.
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Grandma Pajama said...

Butts only a mother and grandmother could love!

Thany said...

I actually clicked on picture one as to gaze at said buttocks in full size.

What kind of web site is this, anyway? ;)

PS: I think your word verification just made me type out a curse word!

Cortney said...


Brandi said...

Looks like you all had such a great time...and your hinney didn't look all that bad...

And Ian looks has he been doing?

ibrahim said...

Wall climbing in UGGs is even a first for our UGG boot blog!