Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Start spreadin' the news..."

New York was AWEsome and aMAZing and inCREDible. I want to blog on every little thing we did, but that also could take the next month. So for now I'll share some of the fun photos I bribed Nate for.

Nate dressed up for the long plane ride.

The view from our hotel room. Can you believe it????

Can you READ the SIGN??? Do you SEE the SHOES??? Do you SEE where I AM???

Yes, we went. Helen Mirren and Jose Conseco. She was a beautiful lady. He was a jerk.

At FAO Shwartz, with the biggest Wookie ever.

The piano from BIG. I did a very choppy version of "Doe-A-Deer." I rocked.

Chicago! And Nate actually liked it! We also miraculously got to see Wicked later in the week, but I was so excited I forgot to take a picture. Typical.

Top of the Rock. (Rockefeller Center) One of the security guards asked if I was Sarah Jessica Parker. "Umm, no." "I think you are," he said. I told him he was just trying to flatter me, but I'm not really sure if that's a good thing or bad thing that he thought I was her. Nate and I laughed about it the rest of the evening.

She's beautiful, isn't she?

Empire State Building.

I wasn't expecting Ground Zero to affect me the way that it did. It was very hard to experience.

Cold. Windy. But we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge...

...and ate at the famous Grimaldi's Pizza!

Ice skating in Rockefeller Center.

"I recall Central Park in fall..."

Seinfeld, anyone? "Festivus isn't over until George pins me!"

They loved me so much they named a building after me.

The last season at Yankees Stadium. And we were there.

Brian Bruney threw Nate a ball during BP to prove it.

We flew in at midnight Sunday and drove home to a wonderful waiting welcome! (Those are snickerdoodles on the plate. Thanks Ian and Gramma!)

We had so many wonderful experiences that aren't even captured here. I'll expand in other posts on some of these photos, too. So much. So amazing. I can truly say "I (heart) NY!"
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Susie said...

Ohmygosh it looks amazing!! You are so FUN! How couldn't your trip be anything but that!! Totally need to do NYC with my ANdy someday... Europe first.

Thany said...

How can I love you and hate you all at the same time? Bring ont he stories, I will soak in every detail and pretend it was me. (LOVE the pink socks for the Big Piano)

The Adventure said...

Wow!! Looks like a great time!!

Desiree' said...

I think you did it all in New York City? Is there anything you didn't do???

Jeremy said...

Did you ever think that maybe the security guard thought Nate looked like Matthew Broderick so by process of elimination you were Sarah Jessica Parker? ...or maybe he knew how much you like shoes...

Brandi said...

AND you guys did sooo much while you were there....
I can't wait to hear about all the stuff you did...I'll relive my NYC days through your words.

Told you...gloves and scarf...totally needed them ugh?

*emmy said...

Oh my gosh, Giiiiiiiiiirl you did it ALL! Your pictures already told me an amazing story. I have so many questions for you and oh my gosh I think I'm going to have to call you cause I DO want to hear it All! But what I especially want to know is....

"What IS in your 'I love NY' plastic bag?"

AAAAAAAAAh, you went to NY!!!! I am so happy you had this time alone with Nate and you made beautiful memories.

MooBeeMa said...

I was actually wondering the other day when you might get home? And I'm not even a stalker or anything. Funny how one gets attached to the sweet blogs one reads. Great photos!

Ratzlaff Reflections said...

It looks like you guys had SO much fun! What a wonderful trip! Mitch and I have GOT to do that.

Jenn Dassatti said...

I love NY so much, its so beautiful and wonderful! The fountain in central park was one of my favorites. Did you by any chance see the strawberry field/patch?

Brittany said...

cute pics:)
looks fun

Karen said...

I have to say that just looking at those photos makes me so happy, because I heart NY too. I used to fly there two or three times a year for market and I SO miss it! :)

Probably the best part of looking through your photo album was seeing someone act like I would in front of the camera. :)

Shauna said...

I love the pictures - your trip looks like it was simply amazing. My brother and I were just talking this afternoon about going to NY this summer with both of our families. You've inspired me! I was so happy to read your blog.

Our Happenin's said...

That is so cool! I am so glad you had such a blast:) Welcome back~