Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sassy Fashion Thursday: Name Change and Leggings

Since I've been rather lax (like, duh!) with posting for Sassy Shoe Thursdays as of late, I've decided on a name change! No longer will we (Are there multiples of me?) post only on shoes, but fashion at large! Yes!!! I can hear the rumble of excitement!!! And alliteration is ALways fun. (SSSSssss. Ssshhhh. Ssssss.)

In paying homage to my recent jaunt in NYC, I thought my first post should regard a horrific trend I have witnessed. Over the past few weeks I've seen it on celebrities and the thought, "Dear, sweet Clinton. NO!" crossed my mind more than once.

My trip to the Big Apple confirmed the truth: people are thinking it's okay to wear leggings as pants.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone, please! Stop the insanity.

Now, there is the legging trend. Cute. Snuggly. You must be careful HOW you wear them, but go ahead and wear them! (Need some tips? Go here.) Not everyone is a fan of this trend. I, myself, am not always. However, the right leggings under the right dress with the right shoe and you can feel like you're in sweatpants while knowing you exude the fashion prowess of the runway. A few have said this trend is almost played out. However, I think it may stick around for a while. (Think skinny jeans or layers of bangles. Trends don't seem to go away as fast anymore, they just become another line on the list of what's fashionable.)

But something odd started to happen last spring. Hemlines started rising. No longer was it, "Oh, leggings under a dress! Cute!" It was, "Is that a dress? I think it's a long t-shirt. Cute!" Then it became, "I can see the crease in her buttocks." And in the past few weeks celebrities have done it and just switched them out for pants altogether.

Big no-no. BIG no-no. Because now, as in Manhattan, normal, everyday people have decided to do the same. Some were wearing very heavy, somewhat structured leggings so it wasn't as bad.

Then there was the girl I had to stop and stare at because you could see jiggling. Jiggling bits. And pieces. Jiggling bits and pieces. It wasn't pretty. Maybe her date thought so, but I could have won my point in a court of law. And she was cute. And fashionista-ish. Not trashy.

Now, I don't have a photo of this for you. (I have issues with that kind of thing.) I'm not sure you would want to see one if I did.

So, for now, please, oh good people of the world, leave the leggings-as-pants trend to Gwen Stefani. However thick and structured they may be it is NOT flattering... unless you're Gwen Stefani. Your significant other may tell you it is. But it only is to him. No one else.

After all, I could win this point in a court of law.
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Brandi said...

I totally understand what you are saying...although I can admit that just a few weeks ago I wore leggings with a long sweater and 'knock off uggs' and everyone said it looked good.

But I understand what you are saying and i would back you up...when you can see jiggling and bits and pieces of body parts...just nasty.

And I think if you are going to go with leggings the drees/sweater/shirt (what ever you choose) should at least cover your entire butt-region.
That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Brittany said...

That's so cool you linked to me :D!!

Thanks for the prom shoe site - I added it to my post

*emmy said...

How fun and what a great idea! I love that your great fashion sense has now been extended to...FASHION, in general! Have fun blogging away on fashion Thursdays!