Friday, April 25, 2008

80's Bunco

Some of us get together the second Tuesday of the month to laugh our heads off and forget who's turn it is or what numbers we're supposed to be counting. No one wants to part with hard-earned cash, so we bring something worthy of a garage sale. At the end of the evening, winner gets first pick and we go on down the line.

A few months ago a friend blogged on her awesome themed Bunco nights and I went NUTS! A THEME? How come no one ever told me before? The possibilities are endless!

Alas, 80's Bunco was born.

We had Preppy 80's. Boombox 80's. T-shirt knotted on the side 80's. Prom 80's. Flashdance 80's. Desperately Seeking Susan 80's. It was beautiful.

It's so hard to hold the "bad girl" pose long enough for a photo op when you can't stop laughing.

Yes. We are THAT awesome.

Funny thing was, Susie's group also did 80's this past month! Great minds DO think alike, you know.
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Amy said...

That is soooo fabulous!!!

Susie said...

Like, totally rad, dude!

MomOfDudes said...

We had Pajama night which was tons of fun too. I LOVE BUNCO!!!

MooBeeMa said...

Too funny! I can't believed I used to dress like that!

Brandi said...

That looks like sooo mch fun. May last minute holloween costume is always a flashback to the 80's.

JW said...

...but did you arrive in a Trans-Am?

Afton said...

My bunco group just had an 80's themed bunco and I didn't realize others were doing it too. Your pictures look a lot like the ones I came away with. I just got done blogging about it.

Ron said...

I haven't played Bunco in over a year, after playing for close to 10 years straight. But, when it was my turn the last two or three years I did a theme. The first one I did was Survivor. I actually had mini games in between and in the end there was a "who will eat the grossest food" competition. There was a special prize for that winner. Anyway, I made special invitations, the gamecards (which were usually just on index cards) I made in the shape of boomerangs, oh, and to see who got to start at the head table, we did a scavenger hunt to find the bell. I gave each person a wrist band as they walked in the door (four different colors) and that was their team for scavenger hunt and who they started at the table with. It was such a blast. I've also done pajama party and I did a white trash theme, it was a hoot. I have pictures of that one, maybe I throw them at you on Myspace sometime. Sorry so long, I just MISS playing Bunco so much!!!!
(I was just getting ready to start a group here in ND and found out we're moving again, can you relate???)

So, I see that this will come up as Ron, this Tammy, from GFU.