Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Shoes You Should Own, Part VI

The weather is warming up a bit. Albeit in a slightly deceiving way, since I know there are still freezing cold baseball games to sit through. But Easter is just around the corner, and summer shoes are starting to fill our minds. Well, my mind. I guess I shouldn't speak for you. But, truly, if you've learned anything from my SST posts, then they should be on your mind, too.

For Part VI of my non-weekly (give a mom a break!) Thursday series we'll look at the glorious world of...

Strappy Sandals

**Strappy does NOT have to mean a heel. Although a strappy heel is my favorite, there are women who simply canNOT go there. But amazing options exist for flat, strappy, sexy sandals! Especially this season, where a flat shoe seems to be interchangeable with the term fashion forward.

These are dressy enough to go to a summer wedding, but will also look chic on a mid-week park afternoon.

You can also go with a very slight wedge to add a somewhat dressier tone.

**This season we're going to see a lot of gladiator inspired sandals again. Just beware how you wear them. They need to be paired with lots of confidence, and breezy simple attire. The straps are complicated enough that a complicated outfit will make the whole thing overwhelming. Also, the thinner the strap the better. Heavy, thick straps on this style will weigh you down and be too harsh if not worn in the right way. (I had these exact ones my freshman year of high school!!!)

**Ankle strap sandals are not for everyone. If you have shorter legs, the goal is to visually lengthen them. An ankle strap will visually cut your leg in two and actually make them appear shorter. Go for a more lengthening look where the line of your leg remains unbroken.

**When trying sandals on, notice how your toes sit. This may seem silly, but I have found while others can wear heeled thong sandals, my toes splay out to the side and look silly. I'm just not comfortable with it. So, I stick to a shoe with straps that hold my toes in. I've found that some women also shy from big toe straps, too, which can accentuate and already large big toe.

**Don't be afraid of color! Yellow is very big for this spring, along with sherbet tones.

**Less can be SO much more.

**Nice looking toes are a must with strappy styles. I know we all try to fudge on this at times, especially coming out of the winter months when we just haven't had time yet to buff out the dreariness of neglect. But the truth is not only will your sandals LOOK much better, you will FEEL better about your attire! I promise. Or your money back. (hee-hee.) A good pedicure can make those deals and steals look like they're rendered from a high end designer's spring line. I was reading about a New York fashionista a couple of years back who never told those exclaiming how gorgeous her Jimmy Choos were that they were really a $20 Ross bargain. No one ever knew the difference. (Of course, I can never keep my mouth shut and always have to gush about my good deal.)

**Do not... I repeat, do not... put up with straps that are too tight. When trying on sandals, beware of what material they are and if they will stretch. Leather? Some Boot Stretch could help. (Thanks Julie for that tip!) But, man made materials aren't going to give. I know they might be cute, but if they're not comfortable you're going to try and force yourself to wear them and wind up being severely disappointed and wishing you hadn't ever made the purchase in the first place. (Run on sentence alert! Run on sentence alert!) And the callouses that come from straps that cut in are NOT pretty.

**Strappy sandals are perfect for summery dresses and skirts, but don't forget they can be worn with shorts! Date night out with someone special? Shorts can be dressy too! More comfortable in walking shorts than their higher cut cousins? Perfect! Just keep in mind the leg-lengthening tip mentioned above when it comes to strap selection. And if you're really all that self-conscious about it, start doing a few calf exercises. Right now. While you're sitting at the computer. Now.

**Just don't go there.



Do you see the difference? Because some people seriously don't.

And if you're still wearing these or these, call me and I'll come help you. No. Wait. Go donate them to Goodwill and THEN call me.

I'll end with some examples from my own wardrobe:

My favorite, favorite, FAVorites!

While on the boarder between a sandal and a shoe, they're still really strappy, so the pretty toe rule applies.

One of my older pairs, but they're still worn from time to time.

Now I'm in the mood for sandal shopping! I wonder if my hubby's in the mood for me to spend some money. Probably not.
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Brandi said...

I just LOVE the lass can be SO much more...those are totally me...lots of color and sooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh!! I was just trying a few summery shoes on last night. Thanks for the reminders. Gotta go clean the toe jam out;P

*emmy said...

Hi there. I know it took me a while to make it here, not that I didn't know this blog was up but because I wanted to give it the time and respect a S.S.T blog deservse ;^)....right? So now that I found some alone and quiet time , NOW I can sit and read it all with out having to rush through it.

First of all, I love it that you take the time to look up so many shoes, study them and post the link where it is suppose to go. And second, I love it that you know your shoes! I love my shoe girl!!

Great tips!

Anonymous said...

A bug on the floor would go CRUNCH under those strappy numbers!