Thursday, March 13, 2008

Page 123

Alright. Alright. I was tagged, so I'll follow through. But this made me realize that the last time I was tagged I forgot to ever post! (Sorry, Nicole!)

I'm supposed to grab the closest book to me and type the first 5 sentences at the top of page 123. I'll actually pull a little from the previous page to get a complete sentence. But I'm also going to break the rules a little and type the 6th as well. (It just makes sense, darn it.)

Do You Think I'm Beautiful
by Angela Thomas
Chapter 7

"There will be prayers and hugs but rarely anyone else willing to admit that her soul is as dry as dirt too. Or that she struggles with sin. Or that she feels insecure and lonely.
A part of me understands. We've all been burned. We have given out tender pieces of our lives only to find out later that our heartaches have been E-mailed to forty-six others around the country."

I tag...

Emma Sometimes
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Brandi said...

That was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

crazybecks said...

Why didn't you tag me?

Emma Sometimes said...

This was fun!! I just did this a couple weeks ago.

amber joy said...

I will admit that I'm dry. I'll admit I sin. I worry what others will do when I admit it. Now I have two 'tags' to catch up to.: )

Anonymous said...

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Moore Fam said...

OH MY GOSH! Will you even read this....because I just read your blog. And I am now looking for the closest book.......