Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not original, nor innovative...

I'm not ignoring my blog!!! I just have so much going on. So, until I have time to be innovative and original, would you enjoy one of my previous posts from my archives? This old post came to mind today, and I realized that... in spite of my self-sabotaging efforts to the contrary... I am growing in my trust level.

Friday, May 25, 2007

"Would somebody please take me to my room??!!???"

I've always wanted to be a spontaneous person. A fun person. Go with the flow. Fly by the seat of my pants. In fact, I wouldn't describe myself as NOT a spontaneous person. But, the more I live my life, the more I find I need a plan. It's fine if that plan changes. I'm okay with change. I just need a plan. I need to know when I'm expected to be at point A and how much time it will take before we move to point B. If point B gets erased and point F takes its place, alright. But would you please just inform me of the plan?

So, when there isn't a plan I get a little rattled. Even saying that causes my shoulders to slump a little in self disappointment. I don't want to be rattled by the absence of a plan!!! But when all plans have fallen through in every area, when every plan that is made just winds up being erased, rescheduled, redrawn, reworked, cancelled, removed, put off... I can't make any plans. Now if a plan is made I'm very skeptical and feel like I can't trust anything.

"Well that means you should go with God's plans."

I thought we WERE going with God's plans!!! I don't want to be planning on anything other than HIS plans anyway!!!

"Then you should just relax and let Him take care of things."

I REALIZE THAT! (But, would someone just inform me what the plan is?)

(Bonus points if you guess where the title quote is from. It's a hard one.)
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Christel louise said...

we're busy everyone is. I just put some belly pics up. I want to come visit you so bad!! Love you.