Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mom on Trial

I think this is utterly ridiculous. (As opposed to udderly, which may involve a cow.) I'm all for NOT leaving young children in vehicles while unattended, however, this is going over the top. I completely understand what this mother did, and I would have done the exact same thing. You look at the weather. You look at your sleeping child. You're a few yards away. You lock the car. It's never out of your sight.

What about when Taylor first started baseball and I would leave Brit and Jordan in the car while I stepped a few yards away to help my struggling son with all his gear? Would I be arrested for that?

What about if a mom puts her child in the car and says hello to a friend two parking spots over? Less than 10 yards. Not even 30 feet. Less than the width of my family room and kitchen.

Wow. Treffly Coyne has my full support.

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Thany said...

Wow, I am with you. When I pick up Nathan from school, I walk about 10 yards away from the car where the girls are buckled in, locked in and windows are usually down (unless it's raining.) They are never out of sight, much less EARshot (I have loud kids.) Or what about when I hop out to go to the ATM? Even less distance and they see me the whole time. If I get out of the car to get gas and walk one island over to get the window squeegee, is that child abuse? Should I take my kids out of the car and walk them with me? Returning a video? Dropping dinner off at a friend's house?

I understand it IS a problem leaving kids in the car...I had a customer at Berean who did regularly when she'd be returning a video...but to return the video, you had to come all the way in the store and walk tot he back. We had a 12,000 square foot store. But I am always disappointed when the bad apples ruin it for all the rest of us common sense parents.

I am thankful for my preschool that has a "sleeping zone" for parents who have a sleeping child in the car. A teacher stands outside while the parent can drop their kid off inside. It is a HUGE help.

Summer said...

I read that today too, and felt exactly how you did. I think that it's just ridiculous her being arrested. And I'm not even a parent, and I understand what she did. She has my support.

Brandi said...

I would sooo totally be arrested. I have left Makayla in the car while pumping gas or running in the gas station to get a drink or getting my mail at the mail boxes at my apartment.

This is totally and utterly ridiculous.

I'll stand be her, too. She is a good mom.

*emmy said...

Wow, I can't believe that this poor mom had to go through all of that!!

I should of been arrested a long time ago then. I never take my girls out of the car when I drop off or pick up clothes from the cleaners. My car is facing the front door of the cleaners and thier door is always wide open, and I am litteraly a few yards away. My girls see me and I see them.

I agree, that IS ridiculous.

How cool Bethany, your school has a sleeping zone?!!! I love that idea!

Anonymous said...

Treffly Coyne is a fine mother who happened to be out on an excursion planned by her children to donate to charity. A lesson we would all do better to be taught by her kids. Unfortunately the government, very concerned about the welfare of her child stepped in. Somehow the officer saw that a sleeping two year old in a warm and safe locked car with the alarm activated would be better off without the mother who cares for her.

The police would not listen to her story, they refused to listen to witnesses, they did not investigate by going into the store to look at the security video.

Instead, they arrested Treffly Coyne, took custody of her two year old child, broke up her family, and most disturbing, the police abandoned three little girls at the Walmart… left them to their own luck, crying on the curb.

All because the government decided Treffly Coynes family needed its “protection.”

Her children were never in any danger until the representatives of the government showed up.

The police chief of Crestwood, Timothy Sulikowski, knew that there was no evidence that Ms. Coyne had done anything wrong, yet he still decided she needed to be charged and prosecuted.


For 97 days she was labled a child abuser by the state, investigated by the DCFS or CPS, paid expensive legal bills and suffered the public humiliation brought on by the unsubstantiated charges of the Crestwood Police.

Even when the prosecutor dropped the charges for lack of evidence, the police chief and Mayor Robert Stranczek continued to make public statements against Treffly Coyne.

Treffly Coyne is now suing the Village of Crestwood, police officers James Ciukaj, Forrest Wondolowski and Angel Brudnicki in federal court.

She would have preferred to have won in criminal court.

All she asked for was an apology and that the charges would be dropped. Thousands of dollars later, and hundreds of thousands of posts on the internet, the Crestwood Police cannot even give her that.

A terrible mistake was made that night at the Walmart and the Crestwood Police and Mayor Stranczek refuse to acknowlege it. Until they do, all citizens, all families in Crestwood are in danger of these kinds of police abuse.

Her fight is not over. The federal Judge will hear the case and has the power to direct the Crestwood Police to make changes in their policies and procedures.

Hopefully she will prevail in her fight, which is a fight for all of our civil rights and her case will create stronger boundaries between the family and the police.

It was wrong to arrest that mother and subject her children to witness in terror the actions of the police.

What is more wrong is that the woman has to fight such wrongdoing in federal court.

A victory for Treffly Coyne will be a victory for all American Families. The civil rights she is fighting for our your civil rights as well.

Anonymous said...

Treffly Coyne LOST her lawsuit against the Crestwood Police for false arrest in Septemeber of 2010.

The jury decided after a week of testimony that the Crestwood Police had "probable cause" to arrest Ms. Coyne for child endangerment.

If Treffly had gone to trial in 2008 when she was charged with child endangerment she would probably have been convicted.