Friday, March 7, 2008

The List

I have a list. It's not written down anywhere, but it's a list just the same. Things I really don't enjoy doing. Now, it's not that I view laundry as equivalent to a Disneyland trip, I just don't mind it all that much. Would I rather have someone else take care of the dishes? Of course! But it's just one of the chores I do, and that's fine. A housekeeper would be glorious (view my sidebar), but I'm a mom and some things simply come with the territory.

Then there are those tasks on "The List."

*Cutting up chicken. I do it because it's necessary, but... ugh. Numb hands from cold chicken. Cutting the breasts in two. Hoping I don't slice through my numb fingers since I can't feel where they end and the chicken begins. Taking all the extra fat off them that whoever did the packaging was blind to. Then all the little fibers stick to the knife and counter. And trying to re-bag it for the freezer without spreading raw chicken gooeyness everywhere? Blech. I could get ones that are already done, but that would cost more.

*Folding men's dress socks.
Laundry is fine, but whatever these are made of causes them to stick to the guitar callouses on my fingertips, causing a feeling in my spine similar to that brought on by nails on a chalkboard.

*Changing sheets on a bunk bed. Whether it's the bottom or top, they're both difficult to manage. It's a 20 minute cardiovascular workout. Someone should seriously patent technology to make this easier.

*Cleaning up vomit. The worst. I'd do any of the others before this one. But for some odd reason I don't usually have a choice in the matter. Maybe my imaginary weekly housekeeper would take care of this, too?

So, I'm curious. Does anyone else have a list like this stored away in their mental recesses? Am I seriously the only one that's this nuts?
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Jenn Dassatti said...

I totally have a list like that. One of my things is putting my hands in a sink of dirty dishes that someone filled with water. I don't know why, but for some reason when I dig my hand in the dirty water it makes me want to throw up. I think it reminds me of soggy bread...which also makes me gag.

Amy said...

I agree with you on Laundry I do not mind doing laundry but I hate putting it away. The bunk bed thing I did not realize how hard it would be to make them until I bought the kids them and really decided that I HATE bunkbeds because of making them. The top is much harder to make I must admit. The key is to make the kids do the sheets. Sometimes that works and sometimes not. But honestly someone really just needs to figure out an easy way to make bunk beds and they could be a millionaire. Hope that you are all doing well...
Amy Theisen


I also hate putting away the laundry...I am happy when it is done but I have to really pump myself up to do it. I hate unloading the dish washer...I am not sure why. Probably relates to the laundry issue. If I could have a housekeeper they would do all laundry and beds and dishes...oh and toilets. GAG! I could go on and on...I guess all in all I do not like to clean...when I grow up I want to be a woman with a housekeeper!

Brandi said...

I sooooooooo have a list like yours. Some similar things, and some of my own crazy things...

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one...and now Wade will understand that I'm not making it all up myself.

I totally hear you on the throw up thing...I'm a sympathy puker...All I have to do is hear it, or smell it, or see it and I'm done for the day!

MooBeeMa said...

I hate cleaning BEHIND the toilet (boys). And dusting. And cleaning windows. And cleaning the microwave. But lest I start getting cranky, 'cuz this list could get really long really fast, I count it all JOY!

Anonymous said...
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*emmy said...

Oh girl, I am the queen of a list in my head. As you already know by now I love. No wait. Let's scratch that and say I NEED a clean house. At least the main know, such as....

*kitchen counters
*empty sink clean.
I don't mind the girls toys because I know when they are done playing it will be picked up.

This is pretty much my "A" list which I do everyday. My "B" list right now, and projects I hope to get to this week are....

Cleaning out closets
Cleaning out toy box (basically Spring cleaning)
Call Amvets to pick up out grown toys and clothes.
Go through pile of mail
Clean out fridge

And my "C" list (yes, I have C list) is to wipe down blinds and fans.

And you know what the irony of all this is? When this is all done, I will have to do it all over again. Phooey!

MomOfDudes said...

I have been thinking about this blog for a long time so I decided today to write my own list...

Love ya pal